Embarrassment - heels to high?


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Aug 8, 2008
So I am 5'1". Wish I was taller, but oh well. I was out with some of my work colleagues, male and female, tonight. I was wearing these nude Prada heels. They are a thick heel and they are like 4". I love them - they are actually really comfortable.

Anyway, I was walking with a bunch of colleagues and one girl commented on my shoes. She started with, "Wow, those are some heels." Then she made several other comments throughout the evening that really hurt my feelings. Her final statement (in front of some guys) was, "You're so skinny, if you lost any weight you would just be a sweater and a pair of really huge heels."

It really hurt my feelings. I actually came home and shed a few tears. Honestly, if I was 6 inches taller, of course I would wear flats. But to embarrass me in front of everyone just because my heels are taller than yours?

Sorry, just needed to vent.


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Apr 21, 2006
eeeh, ignore her and her lame comments. if YOU love your heels, then keep wearing them and to heck with whatever anyone else thinks or says!!! :heart:


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Mar 22, 2006
oh canterbury, do not shed one more tear over something like this. These kind of comments stem ONLY from jealousy and envy. I'm sure you looked gorgeous and she knew it. I bet the guys did too.....and btw, comments like that coming from a woman about another woman are a huge turn off for men. I'm sure they saw right thru it. Keep your chin up.


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Apr 8, 2007
my BFF always say things like this: "that girl/guy is really- really short--- like you (me)..."
i feel your pain...
as long as they are comfortable, go for it.


Jul 24, 2007
She's obviously insecure about herself to be saying things like that about others. Seeing that it wasn't necessary at all and completely pointless, she has to have jealousy issues.
In cases like this, it's not you. It's her. You shouldn't feel embarrassed. I'm even shorter than you. I have learned to accept my height and even wear flats. Being short will only be a problem for you if YOU think it's a problem.


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Feb 23, 2008
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I don't understand why people think they have the right to criticize someone else's fashion choices. Now if you were stumbling around in them, unable to keep your balance then a comment like "Those heels are too high" wouldn't be outrageous. She's a hag, obviously needs to make comments like that to make sure the focus is not on her shortcomings or flaws. Keep wearing those heels just to piss her off!
just take it light-heartedly :yahoo:

I have 5" Stella McCartney heels (my highest, i have others equallly daunting heels) and my boss lady always say "hey you must be in your skyscrapers today, you're my height!" or my other boss will say "wow, are those painful?" usually, i just laugh about it. or i tell my boss "look, i have to make a choice between slight physical pain or permanent psychological pain, do you know how bad my legs look in flats?".. or maybe i jus have a warped sense of humour (I do work in advertising)

i'm 5'1", i've always worn heels, it's my signature look :yes: and honestly i have men who walk behind me, assuming i don't speak chinese (i don't look that asian at all, weird features..) and start complimenting on how sexy i look when i walk, so :nuts:


Sep 5, 2007
WTH? I'm 5' 7" and I wear 4 inch heels almost every day. If someone has a problem with my height or heels it's his / her problem and there is no need to become my problem...

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Dec 31, 2006
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what a mean thing to say, I personally think she is jealous of both your shoes and figure to say such nasty things.

I have a friend who is so so slim , she has a great figure, it really pretty and has beautiful clothes and always looks great. On a evening out with some of her SO friends wives, the wives actually commented to her that they have discussed her weight and they think she does not eat and actually said this to her. She was really upset and I told her how mean I thought they were

The truth could'nt be further from the truth she is lucky in that she can eat whatever she likes, Jealousy is a horrible trait for anybody to have

Dont you worry a second longer about these nasty women :yes: