Embarrassment at LV?


Have you ever been embarrassed at LV?

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    No, but I've been embarrassed for others (SA's, other customers, etc.)

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  1. Have you ever embarrassed at LV (by anyone, yourself included :rolleyes: )? My most mortifying experience was last November with my mom:

    M: I really like those new leopard bags you have out
    SA:Oh, we don't have one at this store but we can have one transferred if you'd like.
    M: For four grand? ha, at that price I'll just get a FAKE.

    :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: oh, and how she thought it was hilarious :cursing:

    Has anything like this happened to you?
  2. :wtf: oh dear! i hope the SA dosen't take it seriously?
  3. When I got my first LV, but debit card didn't work so I ended up paying with cash, my credit card, my aunt's credit card, and my uncle's credit card! :cursing:

    I'm sure it looked like I couldn't pay for my bag!
  4. Not YET..thank goodness. I'm sure my day is coming though. :lol:
  5. Me? I hope not....lol, but my dad did kinda trip once (no he didn't fall, just a lil glitch with his sandals lol)
  6. all 4 at once?!?! lol
  7. I have lots of exprirences with rude SAs b/c i'm so young (18) but when I buy the bags, they shut up. But they treat me like a dieseased animal unitl they realize i'm actually gonna buy some stuff. Gucci is the worst!
  8. No thank goodness! But I felt bad once for this lady who tripped and she like took down bags with her.
  9. My older daughter (she's two) HATES it in there...She has a fit every time we go in & my husband has to take her out...He thinks that I trained her to do it on purpose.
  10. Ouch!:wtf: Was she hurt? Did the SAs help her out?
  11. Yeah they helped her, but I think the were more scared that the bags were damaged or something!
  12. well not really, but the first time I went I didn't know how to pronounce "Damier" (I sounded it like its spelled). Well I asked for a Damier Key Holder and the SA looks at me like she doesn't know what I'm talking about. I showed her the patern and sehe says "Oh... you mean Dah-mee-a" and says it really slow like I'm stupid!!! I DIDNT KNOW!!! :cursing:
  13. :shame: aww, did you figure out what is the reason she don't like it there?
  14. Thats inconsiderte. If I workerd there and someoone fell, I'd be decent enoguh to care about them for 30 seconds and then check the bags. Some people.
  15. I was in Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan when I asked to see the new Papillon 19. The SA looked at me and said, "Um, that style only comes in 26 or 30." Now, I knew the 19 was very new, but I also knew that it existed because I saw it on eLux. I said, "No, there is a new smaller style, and I would like to see it." She continued to insist that there was no such thing, but I myself was getting annoyed with her resistance towards a customer and said, "No. It does NOT. Can you please just look in the drawer for me?" She proceeded to sigh, turn around, and search the drawer. I smiled when she turned around with the exact bag I was looking for, knowing that I had known the line better than she. She opened the dust bag without a word. Although she was probably embarrassed she was wrong, I thought I atleast deserved some sort of apology or a "My mistake..." --- but I was embarassed for her because at the time, I was only 18 and didn't even have any Vuitton yet, and here I knew the line better than she!