Embarrassing story with my Neverfull!

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  1. So I go to a University and I use my Damier Neverfull as a purse/place for notebooks. Whenever I sit in a classroom, I always make sure I put my Louie on an extra chair by me. Well today, I came in late to class and I had no extra chair to put my bag so I put it on top of my desk.

    Well, my professor asked me to move my bag because he said it was casting a "shadow." I guess my face showed that I was a little uneasy as I took my bag off the desk (I didn't want to put my bag on the floor):sick:, so he got up in the middle of class and carried an extra chair over next to me! Hahaha I was so embarrassed. I wonder what everyone in the class thought, as it was Damier and not many people know its Louis Vuitton.

    Just wanted to share that, I'm embarrassed now but I'm sure it will be funny later. :biggrin:

  2. At least it didn't go on the floor...
  3. No need to be embarrassed. I would have reacted the same way you did.
  4. i put my bags on my laps if i cant find a place for it. as a big bag shouldnt go on the table, it's disturbing somehow (not to us but from others' point of view)
    thanks for sharing ur story
  5. Maybe your professor knew it was a Louis Vuitton. That was kind of him though.
  6. Haha your teacher is awesome!
  7. That is great. LOL
  8. LOL, cute story!
  9. I like it, I can visualize the scene LOL
  10. haha that is pretty funny~~
    but i wouldn't wanna put it on the floor either
    but i don't usually bring my LV to school~~
  11. lmao! i wouldve been a bit embarrassed too :P but not in a bad way really because its pretty funny!
  12. that is so sweet of your professor haha ;)
  13. That is a funny story...
  14. Haha so cute!
  15. Very funny story. He must just be saying "Oh, women"