Embarrassing question about Spanx...

  1. So just a disclaimer before I begin...I am very embarrassed to ask this question but if I don't, how else will I know? Okay, here goes:

    I have a pair of the higher power Spanx, and really really like the slimming effects under my fitted jersey dresses. But...I drink A LOT of water and it is a royal pain in the behind to always be pulling those things up and down. There is a gap in the crotch area of these Spanx...is that just by design or is it really to use the restroom and not have to adjust the Spanx???

    Thanks in advance to answers to an embarrassing question!!
  2. I think that gap is more for comfort than anything else. Please don't try to go to the bathroom using that gap, accidents can happen. Men are luckier that way in that department.
  3. Don't be embarrassed...it turns out you are exactly right!

    Some of the products on the Spanx website include a description that says they include "favorite features like a cotton double gusset that opens for when Mother Nature calls."

    So, apparently that is exactly what the opening is for. I have the higher power and the footless, but have never "used" that feature! :yes:
  4. interesting. good to know.
    as long as we are asking embarrassing questions:
    um, if you do try, can you let us know?