Embarrassing! My colleagues offered me an ugly bag!

  1. Oh Dear, Oh dear... Saturday was my birthday and my colleagues got me... a bag!!! That's pretty dary considering how touchy I am when it comes to choosing my accessories. And they got me... the world's UGLIEST bag ever! It is just :yucky: :yucky:

    It is sort of a Balenciaga "Purse" style in shape, made of fake Louis-Vuitton inspired monogram fabric in Brown and beige (the pattern being some sort of flower). The strap, front pocket and corners are of blue turquoise faux leather WITH white stripes AND a silver shiny horsebit across the front :yucky: :yucky:

    My director warned me before opening: "this was chosen by my Spanish wife, and don't worry you can get an exchange for it if you don't like it. She chose it according to her own personal taste". Taste? I call it absence of taste!!! This is so horribly far away from my style I could not possible wear it. I opended the box and my face went: :shocked:

    Do you think it was bad to tell them it was not exactly my style? They would have noticed I was not wearing it anyway. :huh:

    The problem is it turns out I cannot get an exchage without the receipt (which I obviously don't have). I think I will give it to someone in the street... How embarassing! I am sorry they took the effort to buy something and got it so wrong. What would you do? Do you agree I had to tell them it was not exactly "me"?
  2. This is so hard. This happened to someone I know with an Hermes scarf. I didn’t know they made an ugly scarf, but, somehow, her colleagues found perhaps the only one ever made.:sick: The girls picked it out together, so, she had no choice but to wear it, at least once, in their presence! Maybe, you should take the bag and thank your colleagues, if it was chosen by the wife of a colleague; maybe the others will just look at it, turn up their noses in shame and suggest you exchange it? Is that wishful thinking? :rolleyes:
  3. Oh wow, I'm sorry :shocked: Maybe you should tell them that there is nothing you can wear it with because it doesn't match your wardrobe... :idea: That way, you could exchange it for something nicer :amuse:

    If all else fails, pretend you got robbed...? :angel:
  4. I see nothing wrong with being honest and telling them that it is not your personal style. I agree that they would notice you not wearing the item anyway. They have to expect that when it comes to handbags women can be very picky.
  5. It's a tough situation, but here's what I would do. A little white lie will do everyone good. The director already gave you an opening, I think. I would speak with him alone and thank him for the amazing thought that went into the bag. Something like...It means a lot to you that they recognize your love for bags..etc.etc. Then let him know that, while it's lovely, it's not really your style and it would be a shame if you didn't use their gift often. Then say something like you just bought a new black tie dress or party dress that you've been looking for a bag to go with. When you went to the store to exchange the bag, you found the perfect little...(insert fabulous bag description here).....bag. Be excited about it. He'll be happy to know that they got you a gift that you are (now) thrilled with. Since you'll never have an ocassion to wear it in his presence anyway, then none's the wiser. Then, donate the actual bag to charity.

    Do NOT ask for the receipt to exchange. It's tacky, and then he needs to involve his wife. She has a lot of influence over him, obviously, and any negative reaction is not worth it. He probably won't remember in the future that you exchanged his gift, but he will remember that you actually asked for a receipt.
  6. Am I the only one who wants to see pictures of this bag? It sounds hilarious!
  7. CS, thanks for your thoughtful advice. I will definitely follow it.

    I'll post a picture as soon as I get home. Beware, it's really... tacky.
  8. Stop girl...just ....stop. :sick: :wacko:

    I agree with what cs06 caid. Great advice and very tactful.

    I'm just picturing the bag...oh dear.
  9. I had a similar experience. We did a holiday gift thing, the take a name, buy them a present. the aprty was at my bosses house.

    Well the person who had me meant really well and i know that
    she bought me a lulu bag that looks like i don't even know what
    with shiny crap on it and velvet.

    not even brand wise the style was so not me
    and i got really upset wondering if my coworkers so me as being that materialistic that all i care about are purses

    the grrl i worked with everyday- was like that the bag itself was so not me
  10. Sorry if this sounds crass but how much was the bag anyway? Unless it was over $100 or so I wouldn't bother with it. I've gotten presents from my boss before that I didn't like and luckily the store took them back without a problem, but I've also gotten things from places that I didn't know and just ended up donating them later. I don't wear things I don't like - frankly I'm just not going to encourage people. If they say something, you could always say you haven't found the right outfit to wear it with. Sounds like you can't return it without a receipt and if you bring it up with your boss sounds like he wouldn't know to give you a receipt. Besides the store probably has some terrible bags based on that description. :sick: :sick: :sick:

    I hope that other person at least sold the Hermes scarf on Ebay afterwards - what a waste.

    Why can't places just give gift certificates to nice stores? I would have so much preferred a gift certificate to Nordstroms or Saks.
  11. I found it strange that the director found it necessary to include that his wife is Spanish? Is he implying the Spanish have no taste? (I'm Spanish). Very weird.
    I think I would just accept the gift graciously as I would be touched that people thought enough about me to pick out something they thought I would like (even if I didn't). Unless they were making fun of me in a way by choosing something yucky on purpose. Could that be the case here? If not, let it go I say. It was probably done with a glad heart.
  12. [I hope that other person at least sold the Hermes scarf on Ebay afterwards - what a waste.

    No, she kept the scarf.:yes: she still has it:noworry:
  13. You're not the only one. I am dying to see if it's as bad as my mental picture of it.

    By the way, I like your avatar of Washuu. Tenchi Muyo! is one of my favorite anime of all time.
  14. I really want to see a pic, it's too much for me to make a mental picture of:P
  15. I wanna see! I wanna see!

    But diff people have diff taste, I have a metallic green Biasia bag .. my nephew (21) hates it and calls it the hooker bag! lol!