embarrassing & irritating...mostly the latter

  1. I was at dinner and drinks last Tuesday with a large group of gals of which I golf with (during summer) on Tuesday nights. I was sitting next to my mother-in-law, who had had one martini too many (she had a total of 2!:roflmfao: ). She saw my new speedy underneath my 'feet' and asked to see it, as my husband had told her about it. I put it in my lap and whispered to her that that was fine, but please don't bring it to the attention of everyone at the table, just to look it over and give it back. She immediately grabbed for it and started saying, 'Hey ladies, check out M's new bag, she paid 620.00 for it'! I'm pulling on it the other way and leaning into her whispering (strongly) for her to stop. Then, I was getting upset because we were both pulling on my bag in opposite directions!
    She finally gave up, I never made eye contact w/anyone, and they were all quiet and watching us...and just put it back under my chair.
    I love my mil. We have a very open and blunt relationship which works well for me. We just are different when it comes to attention...she needs it...I don't.
    Anyway, the more I think about this, the more irritated I get. Just needed to vent...:wtf: &:shame:
  2. I totally understand how you feel. I kinda have a strange relationship with my bags (lol NOT my MIL). I love to carry LV but I hate the attention it attracts.

    Sorry that you had to be subject to unwanted attention - I'm sure the ladies at the table were feeling for you...
  3. Yeah, I'm sure the ladies you were with felt bad for you. Sorry you had to get embarrassed. My mil gets a loose tongue when she drinks too many so I feel your pain.
  4. Sorry to hear how rude your mil was. Creating such a stir over your Speedy was not very nice! Glad you handle yourself gracefully.
  5. I hate that too.... my BF felt the need to tell his mother and sisters all about how much I paid for my Epi Speedy.... I felt really really embarassed. I had a little talk with him about how I would appreciate it if he didn't inform any more people about how much I pay for things.
  6. Ewww!! How awful...so sorry this happened!
  7. i can totaly sympathise! my boyfs mother likes to anounce to people she barely knows how much money I "waste" on LV.
  8. Ugh..I'm sorry.
    My mom had something similar happen with her first bag (Speedy 30)...she carried it for at least 5 years without anyone recognizing the logo. Then one day at my elementary school where she did PTA, one of her friends called across the quad "Hey, nice $300 bag!"
    Then the next week this same friend showed up with a Dooney and Bourke.
  9. I can totally relate. My mother in law is sort of like this. After I got my speedy my husband said "show my mother your bag" and I was reluctant because I know how she is. As soon as I showed it to her she said "are you sure it's real??" (In a very *****y way). I said "well I hope so because your son and I bought it in the LV boutique and last time I checked they weren't selling fakes there." That shut her up. She never said anything nice about it. Mind you, this woman could buy half the store if she wanted to. What's up with some ppl??? Ok I guess I was the one that needed to vent!
  10. :wtf:......i'm sorry, you may disagree with me, but I think she's awfully RUDE! everyone has diff likes and priorities...eg. my mom can spend hundreds of dollars on food at restaurants, but for me, I spend hundreds at LV. We have diff likes, yet we both respect each others choices kwim?
  11. i think she was very rude & *****y to do that especially when she knew that you were not a showy person! I could write a book about MILs LOL
  12. Ok guys I hope you don't mind but I just have to tell this story. If there was a poll on here i think I would win the prize for the *****iest MIL!!

    Years ago I had some weight on after birth of baby. I searched for outfit for a wedding & not being used to being overweight I was disgruntled with everything I tried! My friend had a fab outfit which fitted & flattered me so we agreed i would borrow it instead of lashing out money on something I didn't like & would never wear once i lost the weight (I never ever borrow clothes so I was happy but not happy if you understand)
    My MIL insisted on asking me several times in company where I had purchased my outfit for the wedding, not wanting to admit that I was borrowing which was alien to me I said "Oh I will tell you later" It really was none of her business!
    On the day of the wedding everyone was telling me that I looked fabulous, I was standing in company of about 8 people she asked me at the top of her voice where i got my outfit, I quietly smiled & said I will tell you later! At the top of her voice she said to me "Oh then if you won't tell me I will have to presume that you bought it in a thrift shop! STUNNED BY THIS WOMAN'S JEALOUSY & IGNORANCE I COULD NOT SPEAK!!!!
    Later people in that company came up to me & sympathised on her bad manners!
  13. & bythe way for you feisty people out there you will be happy to know that I have since told her exactly what i thought of her manners that day :yahoo:
  14. Aww. Im so sorry!
  15. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :crybaby: ....i'm soo sorry this happened to ya, i'm gonna give you a *hug*-emoticon (which I can't find....)