Embarrassing fall, but the Speedy is OK!

  1. Last night at the grocery store I was looking up at the aisle markers trying to find something. I already had a basket full of stuff in one hand and my speedy on the other arm...

    All of a sudden - SPLAT! I went down in a heap, slipping on spilled melted ice cream :rant: . How embarrassing! The sad thing is, no one even came up to see if I was OK. :shrugs: I was in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops and went smack down hard on one knee. I got up, turned aorund, and this man was just staring at me, so I announced in a rather loud voice, "Well, it's a little slippery over here!!" I hobbled over to a cashier to get her to clean it up and then went home to ice my knee.

    Aside from a big bruise, I'm very happy to report the Speedy emerged unscathed :wlae: . And I'm glad it was me who slipped if anyone had to, rather than someone in high heels or an elderly person who could have really gotten hurt.
  2. Im glad the speedy and you are ok. Thank god you didnt hit you're head on something. :smile:
  3. I hope your knee is ok, where were his manners! Similar thing happened to me last week, except that I literally tripped over my own toes in the middle of the street. As on instinct my left hand went up, the one carrying my speedy. I got helped up though, by a very sweet elderly gentleman.
  4. OMG! Someone should've gottent to you ASAP! I'm glad you and your Speedy are okay!
  5. Im glad you are not seriously injured. What was that man thinking when you fell. Thats a little rude!! Did he even ask if you were alright?
  6. I'm glad you and your speedy are ok!! I took a bit of a tumble the other day myself, luckily I was at home. (Not that I haven't fallen down in public before, because I have)
  7. Haha, that reminds me of when I fell down the stairs last week while holding my speedy! I ended up on my butt at the bottom of the stairs while speedy was still hooked onto my arm, having never touched the floor! :P
  8. OMG! I hope you're okay. Shame on that man for not even trying to help!
  9. Glad to hear you and Speedy are ok...hope your knee feels better! :flowers:
  10. that reminds me of a time a had a fall while walking up a slight hill and my sister ran up to me and asked "IS YOUR BAG OK?" I was thinking "...well I"M FINE!"
  11. LMAO everlong!

    awww purse I'm glad you and your speedy are OK...what a rude jerk of a man!
  12. i'm glad you and speedy were all right!!:flowers: my mother-in-law fell at grocery store too,,,,,,sued them and got lots of $$!:nuts:
  13. How's your knee? I hope you're doing okay.
  14. That's horrible!!!:rant: It blows my mind how everyone is SO RUDE in this day and age!!! Honestly!!! Glad to hear that you are OK and that your bag is OK too.:smile:
  15. Poor little Speedys keep getting abused.... On Friday I went to a new cafe in Chicago, as I was walking towards it I saw that the door was open, so I just walked right in.... Right into the screen door that I did not notice was there. The frame on the screen in the door got bent, but Speedy did not get injured... I did bang my nose a little.....

    Fortunately, about 15 minutes later, another couple came and the lady walked into the screen as well. :P