Embarrassing Day :(

  1. OMG!! I was so embarrassed today when i went to LV with my sister! Basically what happened was, our normal SA was not there today, so this rather good looking guy SA served us. I was just looking at stuff etc. but my sister decided to flirt with him!! He sorta gave that look which made me soooo embarrassed. Don't want to go to LV again :sad: ...Well, at least not with my sister around lol.....Any similar experiences??
  2. hahahaaha..... sorry. But I think it's kinda cute!
  3. Lol
  4. Bet she did it to wind you up, LOL (and it worked...;))
  5. lol! your sis so cute
  6. im embarrased to take my friends with me to lv they always touching stuff and nagging about how expensive everything is:s
    That's why I now go by myself:smartass:
  7. Cute. :smile:
  8. That's such a cute story! But I don't have any stories like that.
  9. hahahha.. funny ,.
  10. LOL ... how awkward .. did u end up getting anything?
  11. Lol oh dear but it is cute. He's probably had that happen before, I wouldn't fret it.
  12. You guys thought it was cute!!! ??? well, now that i think about it, it kinda is!! but you shouldve seen my face lol....:shame:
  13. Lol!
  14. I just wanted to leave!!!
  15. your sister is funny!