Embarrassing but very funny – Bobbi Brown Cosmetics story

  1. Ok,
    My wife thought that this was cute and asked me to post it and see what everyone on the PF thought.
    Recently I goofed up and ended up “owing my wife one”. As a way to make up for my folly she had me go to the department store to buy her some foundation (as she was out) and asked that I get her a surprise. Since the store had her colors on file (for Bobbi Brown cosmetics) she felt confident that the color would be right but did not want me to purchase something she already had, so she had me carry her makeup case to the store with everything in it. The rules were: 1. I must carry the case (citrus Vera Bradley) in plain site. 2. I must tell the people at the makeup counter why I am carrying a ladies makeup case & 3. I must have a picture taken of me in the department store. If I broke any of the rules she said I would be sorry.
    I used a paper bag to hide the makeup bag and she found out about it. The next week she sent me back to apologize to the ladies and to get a consolation gift for breaking the rules of our deal. This time I had to carry a purse, she picked a huge, bright, pocketbook and the same ground rules applied. You better bet that I stuck to the deal this time. Everyone at the makeup counter thought it was cute, I was very embarrassed, and they took pictures of the whole thing for my wife (the ladies were very nice and helpful). I had to do a lot of walking around and shopping before I could be checked out with my purchases. You can bet that next time I promise to clean up the house while my wife is out of town that I will get it done! :blush:
  2. lol
    just be thankful you only had to carry the makeup...she could of asked you to wear it!
  3. Please don't give her any ideas, she is laughing right now...darn
  4. :lol:
  5. LOL! I bet you'll be good from now on!
  6. Aww. That is just too cute & good for you for going through w/the bet.:tup:
  7. awww how sweet.
  8. Hahahaha!

    That's so cute/funny. You guys sound like a cool couple who knows how to have fun.
  9. :lol: Cute story - thanks for sharing! You're a good sport, purse-boy!
  10. That was such a cute and funny story. It must have been fun... for your wife :lol:
  11. u both make a very cute couple! Now, careful at wat u do(& dont do) next time!! lol :smile:
  12. Uh, and WHERE ARE THOSE PICTURES?!?!?! ;)
  13. Hahha!
  14. LOL You're such a good sport! I don't think I'd be able to get my hubby to do that. Although, he will buy me feminine hygiene products, if asked. :blush:
  15. I bet is was a fun break for the folks at the Bobby Brown counter too.