Embarrass Question about under arm wetness

  1. This is a really embarrass question, but I need your suggestion. I always have a terrible under arm wetness. I have tried a lot of deodorant for women and nothing seem to help. It's really embrrass whenever I wear a blue shirt or something... it shows a huge wet spot under my arm. It soooo embarrass for me at work!
    Any suggest for different brands of deodorant that REALLY strong & control wetness.
    Please help me! TIA
  2. Well, deodorants help control the smell of your perspiration, but don't stop you from sweating. Antiperspirants stop underarm wetness. I've tried a lot of women's brands - mum, dove, etc, but finally found out that men's antiperspirants work much better!
  3. I really am against antiperspirants. I read somewhere that they are possibly the leading cause of breast cancer because they stop the body from naturally releasing toxins. The toxins are then trapped in the lymph nodes. Most cases of breast cancer usually start in the top region right where the lymph nodes are located. I don't know how true this is, but I'd rather stay away until the cause of such horror is completely confirmed. Stay away from deodorants/antiperspirants with aluminum too. That is also found to be linked to breast cancer. There are a few companies that make organic deodorants and they work pretty well too.
  4. Have you considered botox? I hear that is supposed to stop sweating.
  5. I used to have that. Then I started using Secret Clinical Strength and let's just say I'm more sure than unsure.
  6. have you tried Certain Dri??

  7. another vote for Clinical Strength Secret. Our office has been temporarily relocated and the office we are in has a horrible heating/air system. It's always hovering about 78degrees inside! ACK!:yucky:

    I tried the CS Secret, and no more wetness/smell/nastiness.
  8. Thanks for your help gals! I'll try CS Secret first. I have never heard of Certain Dri before. Is this over the counter or prescription?

  9. I heard about this too and am really intrigued to find out more.

    There's a singer in my country who has admitted on using botox to stop perspiration on her underarms. And she said it works like a charm. Dunno about side effects though.
  10. its over the counter....it stops underarm wetness.
  11. I get botox and it is the only thing that has worked. I tried Certain Dri, Drysol and Secret CS - none of them worked and the irritation from Certain Dri and Drysol was horrendous.

    I will always get botox from now on.
  12. I've used Drysol in the past a few times, and it worked great. It burns when you first put it on though. I haven't used it in almost a year though, my sweating problem seems to have stopped!
  13. Okay this is going to sound crazy but here goes...

    I only very, very, very rarely use an antiperspirant because I read that the aluminum in antiperspirants is not good for you.

    If I want wetness protection, I first apply the deodorant, wait until it is mostly dry, then I put baby powder over that (the cornstarch kind). It works! You do have to be careful if you are wearing dark clothes though as the baby powder will put white streaks on them if you aren't careful. So yeah, there's my nutty underarm recipe for dryness. Maybe it will work for you too.
  14. certain dri used to be prescription but now you can buy it anywhere without one. should be located with the other deodrants. i HIGHLY recommend it. and it's not expensive. GREAT STUFF! :tup: