embarrasing question about cles..

  1. how do you open the key chain part?
    does it even open?
    lol. i dont know how!
    is it broken?
  2. push the gold piece up a little by the thing where it looks like it's supposed to open up and it'll open.. i know, it took me about 10 minutes to figure it out last night when I got my first one! haha
  3. OOOOH! thank you! i did it! i did it! yay!
  4. ps. ill post pics of mine soon!
  5. speaking of embarrasing, how do you say cles, is the s silent?:s
  6. cles sounds like Clay
  7. Thanks! I thought the S was silent....
  8. lol...i was clueless when i got my first cles. haha..i had t ask my man!

    boy did i feel stupid.
  9. I laughed when I read yout post...don't worry you are not alone. When I got my first Cles I was like WTH???? I felt like such a ditz when I finally realized how to open it.
  10. I had trouble with opening mine too!

    The one that's the trickiest though: The round keychain for the Panda Cles. UGH. I sat in the parking lot at the mall for 10 mins trying to figure it out. I got frustrated, and tried again while in traffic. :shame:
  11. Don't be embarrassed, it took me awhile to get mine open too when I first got a cles.
  12. ^ yes john! the round one on the panda! omg i was like.. wth.. i dont bend it.. something MOVES but WHAT! hahaha.
  13. Lol I was just about to post the same question when I finally figured out how to open mine after trying for about 20 minutes, so dont feel embarrassed.
  14. I thought mine was broken and I was going to take it back to the store, I am so glad I finally worked it out.
  15. I have had my cles for almost seven months, and at times, I still have to stop and remember how to open it. Talk about embarassing.