1. Haha I was out with my family the other day. We went to go pick up my brother in law, from the arrival of the ship Ronald Regan. That morning we went to go eat at Mcdonalds at the Naval Base. We all sat down after we ordered our food, and this couple comes in. The girl was holding a Lady Dior bag, but it was different from all the ones I seen in person. It was baby blue ostrich! When she walked in, I saw a quick glance, and turned back to see it. When I turned back and realized what it was, my mouth dropped. Hahaha the embarassing part was that the guy with her was looking at me when my mouth dropped! Haha I think he thought my mouth dropped at him, so the whole time I was eating, he would be looking over at me. The part that sucks, was that they were sitting at the booth I was facing! Good thing I had my sunglasses on, or else it wouldve been even worse. Haha it was funny, because the girl went to go get something, and the guy followed, and they left the bag at the table! They came back, and the girl screamed HOW CAN YOU LEAVE MY PURSE HERE! At that time, I wouldve been more embarassed to be that guy. :roflmfao:
  2. Haha! Smooth move guy. He mustve been pretty vain or something to think your mouth dropped at him. Psh!
  3. He wasnt even cute.. I thought the girl was hotter than he was, and you know how i am! ;]
  4. Lol :lol: ! That's a great story :smile: !! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Haha, that's funny! If I was that girl, I would probably have screamed too :smile:
  6. :roflmfao:...poor fool! :lecture:
  7. OMG that is too funny! Are you sure he knew that you were checking out her bag? ;)
  8. LOL that dude's in TROUBLE!
  9. LOL that's funny, thx for sharing:lol:
  10. lol funny story.
  11. Hahaha, great story...embrassing but nonetheless a great story! :lol:
  12. lol, poor guy...
  13. Haha yess, that guy was ugly the girl was prettier, but the bag was the prettiestttt. :love:

  14. :yahoo: :yahoo: That's funny
    Thanks for sharing
  15. :lol: funny story!