Embarassing situation...

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  1. I had an embarassing run-in this past weekend at a local Trader Joe's. My FI and I were paying for our groceries and the person bagging commented on my handbag. I was carrying my new Tod's Pashmy nylon messenger bag. I should mention that it is the first new bag that I've purchased since September, and the last new bag that I will be purchasing this year. I'm on a ban since I am getting married later this year, and we're going to Europe on our honeymoon.

    The woman said that the bag was really nice and asked me who made it. I thanked her for the compliment and told her that it was by Tod's. This was her response: "Wow...that's a $2000 bag! I wish I could afford a $2000 bag, but I'm trying to replace the hardwood floors in my house. I used to buy Kate Spade bags, but can't even afford that now."

    I know that there have been threads before about comments/remarks by other people regarding your bags. I have to say, I felt really, really embarassed by her comments and started blushing. First, the bag was NOT $2000, nowhere close. Secondly, she made me feel really, really shallow by contrasting my purchase with replacing her hardwood floors. Her comments made me feel badly about spending money on a bag. My FI, who is a bag-hating FI, even commented that the woman's remarks were out of line.

    Then, later in the afternoon, I got my first speeding ticket...ever. I've never even gotten so much as a parking ticket. All in all, it was a really bad weekend. I guess my good fortune of late (I found my "eloping" dress at Bergdorf Goodman, and was given a major discount on it, without prompting) ended.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Hmmm.. trying to think of a snappy comeback for that situation..
    maybe you could've said,

    "Well I've already done my home improvements and I saved up for this bag for a while and felt I deserved it."
    "I'm independently wealthy and money is no object."
    "Oh, is that how much it cost? I didn't even notice."
    "i got it as a gift from my pimp"

  3. How about this?
    Two "Friends" met while out shopping.
    Girl A:sad:wears high fashion and sports large jewelry) Hi, how are you? I haven't seen you in a while!

    Girl B:sad:wears nice sensible clothes and is not pretentious) I'm fine(smiles earnestly)and how are you?

    Girl A: Well My husband sent me on a trip around the world.

    Girl B: Thaaat's niiice (smiles)

    Girl A: AND he bought me this new 7 carat diamond ring.

    Girl B: Thaaat's niiice(smiles)

    Girl A: AND He bought me a New car AND this mink.

    Girl B: Thaaaat's niiice(smiles)

    Girl A: So what has YOUR husband done for you?(looks down her rhinoplastic nose)

    Girl B: Well..... He sent me to charm school (Girl A:Tilts her head and sneers smugly) Where I learned to say...Thaaaat's Niiiice instead of F-You!!

    Game set match!! lol So the next time someone is rude and pissy..... just say...Thaaaat's niiiice!! lol
  4. I am going to keep this post saved! lol!
  5. Don't be made to feel guilty! Just think to yourself how ill-mannered and rude she is
  6. Sorry you had to go through that! How rude, and the Pashmy is no where near 2k!
    Don't you love htat bag? I have in smoke grey and wear it evrytime it rains!
    Forget her comments and focus on your wedding plans!
  7. Ha, ha! This really is no joke. I've heard this one about 10 years ago, and I use "that's nice" pretty often. Got my girlfriends using it, too. You feel so much better when you do. Some people really don't think before they make personal unsolicited comments because their own thoughts about their own agenda get in the way.
  8. Sorry to hear you were treated to that unappropriate remark! You must be a sweet person to care though, most people just wouldn't. Think about your upcoming marriage and congratulate the lucky guy!!!
  9. Don't feel bad at all. She's the one who asked and it sounded like she's the one who had the problem. Enjoy your bag.
  10. Maybe it's just me, and obviously I wasn't there to hear the tone of voice she used, but at the most, that would make me feel flattered but slightly uncomfortable since it she seems like she was giving you a compliment and fishing for pity at the same time. I don't think there was any reason to try and think of something snappy to say back, as that would have just made her feel bad. I think it's pretty amazing she recognized how nice a Tod's bag is- I know I wouldn't have a clue, as I don't know much about them since they aren't my style.

    I admit, I've been guilty of saying stuff like that to people with things I like- but I do it in a joking manner by denigrating myself, and it's always meant to flatter their good taste, not make me out to be a whiny hanger-on.
  11. Sorry you feel bad about your bag, I guess at one time or another we've all had some remarks that affect our emotions (transferred into guilt) of our handbag purchases. However, she 'owns' her comments, not you, but maybe the remark wasn't intended to offend you, but just an off-handed statement on her part. We all know our individual situations and finances-- and from time to time our spending habits will change. Enjoy your bag, and wish her well, just say, "I'm sorry, I hope things change for you soon."
  12. This seems so odd to me, because it's not like new hardwood floors are a necessity. :shrugs:
  13. double post
  14. I had a similiar comment when I purchased Butterscotch the Pony for Christmas. It was over 200.00 and the checkout associate almost had heart failure and said that was half her weekly paycheck so how could I spend that on a toy. I said it's once a year and left it at that. I always get interesting comments must be I attract attention.
  15. Don't think twice about it. She was making conversation with a customer while doing her job. She would probably be surprised if she knew you were embarrassed. Sometimes talk is just talk, there isn't a deeper meaning to analyze.