embarassed by vintage bags?

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  1. OK Vanity talking here. I love Louis bags but being retired could never spend 1000's on LV. I have some classic vintage Louis bags( speedy, petit noe, weekend sac. juene fille, etc.) all in excellent condition. I see all your newest style bags in the posts and almost feel embarassed to carry the older bags I have, even if they are real.
  2. Nope. I love the vintage ones, they are classics and never to be embarassed of!:tup:
  3. No way! To be honest, I'm not really a fan of many of the newer styles...I like the classics!
  4. honestly? i personally could not carry a LV that has patina'd so much that the handles are chocolate, UNLESS its luggage. sometimes i see girls with speedy's that have almost black handles, to me, thats just dirty. that being said, carry what you like.
  5. Vintage bags scream "Old Money" :tup:

    Don't be embarassed if you can't buy brand new bags constantly. No one is here to judge you at the PF!
  6. i LOVE vintage lv
  7. To me Louis screams vintage, I love the old classics and find myself attracted to the same styles over and over again :smile: Went thru a Noe stage (3x) and a tall bucket (had it rebuilt) So in my humble opinion, original owned classics are the backbone of LV!!!
  8. I love vintage! Think of all the history your bags have, all the experiences you had with them! It makes them more special IMHO. I cannot wait for my speedy to age a bit, so that it looks 'loved' :P
    I have a vintage Keepall that is one year older than me (it's made in 1984) and I love the patina on it and imagine all the travels it already has made.
    LVs are made to last, so why not use them?
  9. Vintage is nice!! It has character that all new bags won't have!! Wear them proudly!
  10. I don't think you should be. Vintage bags are chic and often look better than brand new ones with pristine vachetta, IMO. Just enjoy your bags and don't worry too much about how they look compared to newer styles. If you feel confident, you'll look great carrying them! :yes:
  11. Vintage bags will always look classy. Some of the older bags were made better, heavier leather and canvas. Wear them proudly!
  12. Love the vintage...timeless...classic....luxury....Louis Vuitton is forever! Carry your bags with happiness and pride. : )
  13. I love vintage post pic's I see nothing wrong with them and im over 45 :O)here's an older bag I still love and carry :O)
  14. :tup::tup::tup:
  15. what? seriously? NOOO! I love love vintage LV bags. .
    I the thought that vintage purses have been and seen so much! So much history going there! NO need to feel embarassed