Emanu1016 & Jag had a playdate! And I brought home a new goodie!!!!

  1. On a beautiful Friday afternoon, Jag and I met up at NM to visit our favorite SA (who also came in an hour early to meet with us!). We played with some twillys, bracelets, scarves and a couple bags.

    BUT the highlight of the day was the scaves. We figured out how so many of you gorgeous ladies wear your scarved at halter type tops. With a lot of laughing and some stares - hopefully we will be allowed to touch the scaves again ;)....we figured it out!!!!

    We also saw the limited edition NM anniversary scarf in person!! We both GASPED AND GRABBED that baby so we could play around with it! Ladies, let me just say that it is STUNNING in real life! The pics. DO NOT do this justice. I highly suggest you call your SA's at NM now and get on the list, because this is going to be HOT!!!

    Well, here are a few pics. of my Omnibus - the one my husband wasn't able to get me in China!

    *please excuse my messy hair - my DH and DS left for a few hours and I'm in the middle of cleaning up the house some*
  2. OK, someone help...........my pics exceed the limit.....let me try and crop!! UGGGG!
  3. ok, here we go.

    again, please excuse my horrible picture taking and messy hair!!
    DSC_1648.JPG DSC_1643.JPG DSC_1609.JPG DSC_1676.JPG
  4. Sounds like you had fun!! Fabulous scarf, enjoy!
  5. Sounds like a great day! Love your new scarf :smile:

    Which colorway of the NM scarf did you see? I am thinking of ordering the white, but the pictures I saw were not so great & would love to hear more.
  6. oh wow, that scarf looks gorgeous on you! So happy you two had fun!! :yahoo:
  7. Love the omnibus, it looks great on you. I like how you tie it that pop of red shows.
  8. yay! sounds like fun! love the scarf- love it!
  9. What a fun time! Thanks for sharing and great pics.
  10. Cool. Glad you two met up.
    You make me want that scarf!
  11. YAY! It looks so fabulous on you!!!! I love how you wear it in your hair!!! We must do it again soon though. But next time, I am taking you flip flop shopping (we better hurry too LOL) and then back to NM for more H!!!!
  12. What A Super Fun Day!!! Emanu1016 ~ :heart: This Scarf!!! You Are Beautiful!!!!!:heart:
  13. how fun! emanu - the scarf looks lovely on you!

    i better call my NM SA for the fab scarf before they sell out when it arrive in stores!
  14. Nola, crochetbella, lyanna, hlfinn, coldplaylover, elizabethk, bagluv & pazt - Thank you all so much! This is my first photo post of myself.....I was a little apprehensive--since I looked a little crazy, but I figured---hey if I can't show it to my H ladies, then who can I show it to ;) I only wish I had a camera to take some pics. of Jag with her Kelly....and some of the crazy things we did with scarves!!

    tangle, The NM limited edition is stunning. We saw the black colorway, and it was amazing. With the colors of orange, lilac, I think turquoise....it is just beautiful! TRUST me this scarf will sell FAST. I suggest just calling your NM SA and having her put you on the list, at least you are on the list, can go in when she has your scarf and if you don't like it you can always pass.

    Jag, Yes, let's get together again VERY soon. I'm pretty much free anytime!
  15. LOVE IT !!!! thanks for posting !!! and :heart:it and you:p