1. Which do you prefer and why?

    Examples: AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or your ISP

  2. Gmail - I can't live without it. I really like how it combines all emails from the same person with the same subject line, into 1 conversation. It makes it a lot easier to sort through. I also like the chat function on there. The spam filter is great too.
  3. i use yahoo! because my husband started me on it as email years ago... he is an IT professional. i also use an aol email sporadically. my DH hates aol - calls it the internet-on-training-wheels! LOL....
  4. Another Gmail user here too! I agree with everything you said... best one I've used so far.
  5. i'm not really that impressed with gmail. i stick with my trusty yahoo, and they upgraded me to a premium membership for free since i've been a regular user for a long time.
  6. AOL. I started out with AOL when I got my first computer 10-11 years ago and have had the same email addy since then. I knew nothing about computers and emailing, and AOL was so user friendly. Unlike a lot of people, I've never had problems with it.
  7. I have Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and my ISP.

    My AOL is the oldest and have never had problems with it.

    I tend to use my ISP and Yahoo the most.
  8. I have Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, ISP, and my company email. Hotmail is what I use the most and my company email. It is a pain having them but I figure I try to use them for different things but always end up using hotmail.
  9. Gmail!
  10. That is how I feel. I have way too many email accounts. I need to downsize or something.

    Do you use the live or is hotmail still around?
  11. Gmail is def my fave. I also have hotmail, but I rarely check it now I used Gmail.
  12. I have my ISP email, then a separate hotmail account for when I have to give out email addresses when I purchase things online, etc. That way most spammy stuff goes in the hotmail account and not my primary ISP account.
  13. ^^ that's what i do too. primary emails on my yahoo and aol for the most-likely-to-be-spammy types....
  14. I have one email I just use for signing up for newsletters, etc (yahoo). It's all spam all the time. I have another that I only use for online shopping (Comcast/ ISP)-- it gets very minimal spam, because it has good filters. Then I have my email through my (former) university that I use for all private email. That one is my absolute favorite, because NOTHING gets into my inbox that shouldn't! It is absolutely spam free and there isn't even a folder it gets sent to-- it's just deleted without me having to deal with it :tup:
  15. Gmail is so great! No loud ads, such a simple, clean layout that you can easily customize. Ever heard of iGoogle? OMG! Revolutionized my life, lol! As well, the pretty much unlimited space and yada yada yada is awesome.

    PS. I just wanted to add I have this tea house theme for my iGoogle, I can watch the cutest tiger do his daily errands according to my timezone! :p Right now he is eating dinner with his creature pet. Adorable