Emails to Gucci outlets - response time?

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  1. Hi there,

    Has anyone had any problems with response times for emails at the Gucci outlets? I've sent emails to both Cabazon and San Marcos over the weekend but have not received a reply. Granted, I did just send it to the generel email for the stores. What is the normal/average reply time? Should I be sending my emails to a specific SA to get a response? I know Marissa at San Marcos is highly recommended, any recommendations for SA's at Cabazon?

  2. You should call first, introduce yourself, ask to be added to their client list for future email alerts and then ask what you are looking for specifically.

    Because the emails are shared - it really depends on who is reading them and if they feel prompted to respond. Not all SAs are great about that. The only consistent SA I've ever gotten response from is Marissa at San Marcos. I've addressed certain emails to specific SAs at Cabazon and never heard a response back.
  3. Ditto what flipchick said. Sometimes I also just go ahead and call them coz they may never email me back (it's happened a few times)
  4. I got a response maybe a few days after when I requested to be added, but only San Marcos responded--never heard from Cabazon.