Emailing The Outlets Help! I Got What I Wanted!

  1. As I'm in Australia I cant really economically call the States to place an order. I thought emailing the Outlet Stores might get me an idea of whats out there. I found out that they DO Charge Send! And they will post to my mailbox in CA for a flat rate of $8.50. I got my Paradiso Zucca for $138 this way! Plus they told me what other items they have...WooHoo!

    We have the Paradiso, Inferno and Fumo prints at 25% off. We also have the older prints camo playground olive and camo playground black. They are at 50% off. We have most styles left expect for baby bags.
  2. I'm really regretting not asking about the denaro... I've been needing one :push: but maybe i'll get one in pirata then... or something
  3. The Pirata arent hitting the outlets already....?
  4. no they aren't in outlets yet... i was just wondering if i should just get one in pirata or wait until they get there
  5. What outlet did you email?
  6. congrats on your zucca!!
  7. All of them!
  8. where did you buy the paradiso zucca ? 138$ sounds good, maybe they'll chargesend from Israel too. :yes:
  9. No they only ship to US addresses..
  10. yes i know, but maybe i can pay from here and have it sent over there to a friend or something and my sister will pick it up, or he will send it here, i donno :shrugs:
    i just really want that zucca. :heart:
  11. did they only have paradisio zuccas left? I was kinda looking for an inferno one.
  12. I only asked about Paradiso as thats what I wanted. You can always email and ask

    LeSportsac Woodbury Common Factory Store
    690 Blue Bird Court
    Central Valley, NY 10917
    tel: 845.928.3328
    fax: 845.928.3905

    LeSportsac Southampton Factory Store
    19 Pond Lane
    Southampton, NY 11968
    tel: 631.283.1733
    fax: 631.287.2510

    LeSportsac Factory Store
    10600 Quil Ceda Blvd #820
    Tulalip, WA 98271
    tel: 360.654.3520
    fax: 360.654.3521
  13. hey yasha, which outlet was this reply from?
  14. I believe that was from South Hampton but the pricing should be the same in all three
  15. thanks, I just e-mailed them