Emailed Rebecca Minkoff Company.

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  1. Wow!!! I emailed them my story about the traveling adventure of my Morning After Bag being shipped.

    They loved it and are passing it around the office. :yahoo:

    wow. haha. that's great! i've forwarded it to the rest of the
    office...thanks so much for sharing!


    I was so excited that they actually answered back. :woohoo:
  2. It's a great story! I agree.
    Is she coming today?
  3. It's a cute story - maybe you should consider writing childrens books - seriously!
  4. Wow Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. Yes she should be coming sometime today; unless she decides to stay in New Orleans until Mardi Gras!!! LOL!!!
  5. That's so cool! It's a cute story. My bag came in today. I haven't opened it yet as I am at work so I am waiting and it's killing me!!!
  6. I know what you mean...I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. She must be having a good time in New Orleans. LOL
  7. That was great!!!
  8. It was a great story. Too bad you didn't get to send them the finished version. The added bonus of Vincent being in it was great.
  9. Actually, I did send them the rest of the story. I also emailed Rebecca Minkoff with the entire story. I really hope that she liked it.