emailable Valentine cards on Japan site.

  1. interesting. :yes:
  2. :confused1:well... just did a test and sent one to my own email with no luck.:confused1: might be because I can't read or speak Japanese! :p
  3. Me too!!!
  4. I don't think it works yet. I tried twice, once using English and another using Japanese characters (except for the email address) and got neither.
  5. oops, I wasn't paying much attention. It's late and I wasn't thinking clearly...You have the option of choosing to send it now or send it on the 14th. Then click the tab below the one with the date (has the numbers 2-14) on it to send (this is the tab on the right). Clicking the other tab on the left brings you back to the main card page. Hope that helps...
    Here's a sample card I made:
  6. i cant read japanese, but the jap site seems better than the us one
  7. Cool! I wish I could read Japanese!