1. Which email account do you use the most:

    Your ISP
  2. Aol mostly. I've had a couple of yahoo over the years but I keep forgetting the passwords because I don't go in them often enough.
  3. I use my ISP provider which is sbcglobal, then I use my hotmail, and lastly my aol.
  4. My own ISP. But I also use my hotmail account for any online shopping purchases or other sites where I have to join (like here, LOL).
  5. I am thinking of getting a back up to my ISP, that is why I asked the question.

    Is hotmail a good email?
  6. for most of my daily stuff
    Gmail for all forum related stuff.
    I have one from my Isp that is paypal related.
  7. YahOOOOooooo:huh:OOOOOoooo!!!!
  8. Gmail!
  9. hotmail and gmail
  10. .mac

    so much they offer. love love love it.
    of course have the old school aols as well as a yahoo and super secret gmail account for those super secret elux purchases DH doesnt need to know about
  11. Gmail!
  12. Gmail.

    But oooh! Never considered till now, but .mac might be sweet since I'll be getting my MacBook soon! :biggrin:
  13. I can't live without Gmail :smile:
  14. Aol
  15. Aside from my work email, I use Gmail and have my AOL emails forwarded to Gmail so I no longer log into my AOL acct.