email to Balenciaga Paris

baby bag

Sep 17, 2006
I asked at the store your question and they made it sound like an ordeal, it was discouraged, but then again that's just their attitude there at BalParis. A super nice person to ask questions to is Yuko and her email address is:
(Don't know if you speak French, I believe she speaks English as well)
Thanks I am going to mail her today!!!:heart:


Apr 28, 2006
The conscensus is that the Bal store in Paris are fairly unresponsive. When I was there I did not even visit the store based on what local friends told me about them being very un-helpful there. I went to the boutique in Printemps instead. France in general is a bit behind the US in terms of mail order and other types of customer service. Its not that they are "bad", but they just do things differently there.

siri anne

Dec 23, 2006
Fashion-cult. Glad you got your questions answered with that email address. I have emailed that address as well, but have not heard back from them. I suppose it might be due to the holidays.
By the way, I lived in Melbourne from 12/04 to 12/05 (my husband was doing a fellowship there) We lived right near Chapel Street in South Yarra. Miss it so much sometimes, especially the fantastic beetroot dip they sell at Prahran Market! Wish I could duplicate that recipe

Bal Newbie, thank you for posting an alternative email address for Bal Paris!