email to Balenciaga Paris

  1. Does anyone have the email adress to Balenciaga Paris??Do they deliver bags to you if you dont live in france.....and are they fast to deliver??:heart: :heart: Love bbags
  2. I asked at the store your question and they made it sound like an ordeal, it was discouraged, but then again that's just their attitude there at BalParis. A super nice person to ask questions to is Yuko and her email address is:
    (Don't know if you speak French, I believe she speaks English as well)
  3. Thanks I am going to mail her today!!!:heart:
  4. The conscensus is that the Bal store in Paris are fairly unresponsive. When I was there I did not even visit the store based on what local friends told me about them being very un-helpful there. I went to the boutique in Printemps instead. France in general is a bit behind the US in terms of mail order and other types of customer service. Its not that they are "bad", but they just do things differently there.
  5. Fashion-cult. Glad you got your questions answered with that email address. I have emailed that address as well, but have not heard back from them. I suppose it might be due to the holidays.
    By the way, I lived in Melbourne from 12/04 to 12/05 (my husband was doing a fellowship there) We lived right near Chapel Street in South Yarra. Miss it so much sometimes, especially the fantastic beetroot dip they sell at Prahran Market! Wish I could duplicate that recipe

    Bal Newbie, thank you for posting an alternative email address for Bal Paris!