Email of Christian Louboutin 59 Horatio St?

  1. Does anyone know their email. Or even if they have an email?

    I want to find out about their stock and specific CL shoes.

  2. Its on the website under the boutiques section, however I recommend calling them instead.
  3. call them. when i was there yesterday they were taking calls about stock.
  4. I have called that store many times and they are always very nice and helpful, I would call.
  5. I agree with everyone else ... give them a call. I was there yesterday as well, and they were answering calls about stock. Everyone there is extremely helpful.
  6. I have worked with Bessy at the store by email below to get my foxtrots and got to meet her in person earlier this month when I visited NYC. The manager's name is Michael I believe. I had this image of a large boutique before I went but it was a very small store. They were all very sweet and helpful.

    Christian Louboutin
    > 59 Horatio Street
    > New York, NY 10014
    > P: 212.255.1910
    > F: 212.255.0870
    > E: