Email Help!

  1. Ive had my email address since I was sixteen. Its definitely not the most mature choice I could I have chosen,but Ive been too lazy to change it and I dont have any ideas! (You know you should change yours when people laugh so hard after they hear it that they snort. Yes that happened!) I have been thinking about it for almost a week now and I cant come up with anything! Could you ladies help me think of something? I would be so grateful! :heart: Since its hard to think of something for a stranger, heres a few facts about me:
    1. I play volleyball
    2. Love chocolate
    3. Love fashion/shopping (thats why Im here!)
    4. Brown hair/blue eyes
    5. LOVE music
    6. Live in Oklahoma

    Not much I know, but Ive asked so many people who couldnt think of anything!
  2. Oh I suck at these :lol: Let me think... Errr... smashion? As in smash + fashion? :rolleyes::lol: Or volleybags??

    I'm sorry that's all I could think of right now :push:
  3. Mine is my first and middle initials plus my last name. Was a lot more professional for when I started applying for jobs though!
  4. I'm all for practicality. Can you make your email address your actual name or is it "taken" already? If so, can you make it a variation of your name?

  5. Those are great ideas...maybe you could combine them and do something like

    We gave our kids email addresses this summer and had a lot of fun thinking them up.

    My son's turned out to be a combination of my nickname for him and his Dad's nickname for him.

    My daughter's was a little more complicated but we did like you, and combined three of her favorite things.
  6. Lol very creative everyone!:okay: I wish it wasnt so hard to think of something. I dont want it to be my name for a few reasons though so nothing like that!
  7. i think you should stick with something around the lines of your name. it's a lot more professional when emailing to anyone you don't know.

    mine is a combination of my last and first name but in a way that you would never figure out what my name is. like if my name were Marie Anderson, something like or partial last name with first and middle initial. however i have come across addresses from companies that do this sort of thing and it spells out funny words!
  8. you could also use your initials and favorite number: like