Email from Shirise about F/W 06 leather

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  1. I'm kind of disappointed. After seeing the quilted blue bag in Vogue Collections, I was hoping the new moto bags would be made w/ the same leather (matte and thick), so I emailed Shirise about it, and they've popped my bubble on that. Ah well, guess we'll see, hope remains... :amuse:

    Quilted bag


    Email from Shirise:

    Thank you for your query.
    The leather used in the motorcycle bag is goat leather, while the quilted bag uses lambskin.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

    Best regards,

    Restir Customer Service
  2. Goat leather, lambskin, pretty darn close right?
  3. So, the quilted b-bag IS real! I love it! When do they come out? Any ideas on price and size? That looks like my blue color, too! So exciting!
  4. On another board (TFS) someone posted a pic of this bag from a source in Japan. They estimated the cost was approx. $2,155 based on the conversion from yen. Other than reading that post I haven't heard anything else about the retail price on this bag.
  5. i have both a balenciaga lambskin and a goatskin- the leathers are so differen! the lambskin is much more succeptible to stains, scratches, rubbing... but is thicker and softer -like heavenly butter you want to roll around in! the goatskin is thinner, shinier (this season at least) and takes rough wear much easier.
  6. In what season did they use lambskin?
  7. ^^ They use it for the metallics I think.
  8. I talked to one of the S/A's at Barneys NY (who is knowledgeable about Balenciaga). She said that the lambskin leather will be akin to the Chanel lambskin ... which is very soft and buttery, but (unfortunately) will show up scratches a lot more.

    I have a few of the Chanel quilted bags (Caviar & Lambskin); the Caviar is great because it doesn't show the wear & tear as easily. While I love the lambskin, I don't use that bag as much as I don't want to mar it up.

    I'm going to look for the French Vogue "Collections" issue which had the pictures of the new B-Bags ... I'll post them ...
  9. i have 2 balenciagas, the eggplant shopper from 2003, its leather is so beautiful, the colour is very rich and it's thicker but supple and so soft, i prefer this leather from the newest version, which has more crackle and thinner. my balenciaga red metallic is also from 2004, with thicker leather, a little bit thicker from my shopper.
    i don't know what skin did they used, but they sure is a lot more beautiful than the 2005-06 collections