Email from Hermes...threw me for a

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  1. The title was Twinkle! Twinkle! :nuts: . I thought how do they know my tPF name ? :roflmfao: .
  2. lol! Are you serious! ???
  3. Inside:

  4. lol!
  5. Oops. Posted in the wrong thread.

    So Twinkle....can one subscribe to Hermes emails? Lol...that's all I need.
  6. I am not sure how I got on the list, I do order from the website, so maybe that's's, there may be a link there.
  7. If you order from the website, you will get on their email list. I now get their emails at two different email addresses....
  8. ^^ That is so nice!! I wish i can get an email from hermes too :sad:
  9. I got that too. If they ever title one "Hi Heels", I will take it as a sign and immediately start buying!
  10. That's too cute Twinkle! :amuse:
  11. So cute! I love the whimsy in all of their advertising!
  12. ^The pics on the site are the best!
  13. I know, it's always cute ans off the beaten path!
  14. That's so cute!