Email from Aloha Rag - Part Times are in >>> pic

  1. here is the email I rec'd from Aloha Rag last night:

    The part time in black, truffle, sapin and blue roi have arrived. The part time is like The Work with less height and with shoulder straps.
    The price is $1,295
    The dimension is h9in. X (w) 17in. x (d) 6.75in. The strap is 29in. Long

    Now comes decision time ....
  2. I love the blueberry one, wonder if they'll be getting the twiggy in the blueberry?
  3. Cool, thanks for posting!
  4. :drool: thanks SO much for the up-date!
  5. Wow, the Sapin color is really nice. What a great fall/winter color. Its dark enough to go with most everything! I really, really like this bag!
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