Email Forwards-What do you do?

  1. I recieved a email forward that had some disturbing content. The images were not fit for alot of the human population. At my husbands work this email had been the topic of conversation for a few days before I recieved it, and one guy firmly put his foot down and said he would not forward that crap to anyone. I think that is great of him, I also quickly hit delete and did not pass it on. My big concern is these things spread like wildfire and what if you unknowingly sent a email to a family member or friend of a person involved,and how they would feel having their beloved seen that way. So what do you do? Pass it on or Delete it. I am talking about extreme cases here, not some drunk co-ed passed out with their pants down.
  2. an example?

    If u arent comfy sharing it..Then DEFINATELY DELETE IT ASAP!
  3. I hit delete.
  4. Yeah! give us the goods!!! (jussst kidding)

    Honestly I do not even forward 99.9% of them on that have normal content. I'm not a big fan of forwards and rarely read them unless I'm intrigued by the title. Anyways if you were offended by it then I'm sure alot of your friends or family members would be too, so it was a good call deleting it.
  5. This one was a car accident, I've had other accidents sent to me before but this one was extreme. I've had bear attacks, and a whole range of other things,and no nothing illegal! Maybe I just know really weird people :shrugs:
  6. I don't participate in the forwarding of most e-mail "forward" things. Most of the time they just clutter up inboxes :yucky: and the jokes/videos/etc. are usually stupid. Though I did get one with a funny video of a "girl scout" selling cookies and making sarcastic hilarious comments :roflmfao:

    But seriously, if you don't feel comfortable sending the email on, don't do it. Just hit the delete key :smile:
  7. always delete, dont even open them...
  8. I delete almost all of them before reading. Now, if they come from my Dad, I save them to read when I have a little time to give them proper attention. But I never forward. (don't tell him!)
  9. seems like a clear answer; if it offends or disturbs you, then don't pass it on.

    I for one, loathe the buttload of forwards some people feel the compelling need to send.
    I only get a few, thank goodness, and I guess people know me well enough to know what is acceptabel to me and what isn't.
  10. if they're those junk-type (or uncomfortable type) forwards, i normally just delete them.
  11. I never forward, I don't even read half of them, But my stupid email provider has the bottom half of the inbox showing what's in the email, so even if I didn't want to look, I really have no choice. I gotta figure out a way to change that.
  12. i hardly, hardly forward emails these days. if I feel like it has some good info, then I'll pass it on to a select few, but if it's just chain letters/jokes, I usually just delete it.
  13. i would definitely delete them. but i mean it's so weird that someone would forward something like a car accident... sorry just my opinion
  14. I was forwarded an email a couple of years back with pics of an accident in it - I didn't know and opened it and was very distressed by its content. I've since sent everyone in my address book a note telling them not to send me anything along those lines ever. Now I get loads of jokes but only pass them on to a few people if I know that they will get a laugh out of them.

    I really don't understand why someone would forward something on like a car accident.
  15. Always delete them.