Email contacts for USA Miu Miu Boutiques

  1. I am desperate to locate some pumps from the fall/winter range and I have been told they may only be made available to some boutiques (and they are not available online).

    I have tried a couple of email addresses that I have found listed in previous posts here, but so far no SAs or stores have responded to my enquiry.

    As I'm in Australia, it's much easier and simpler for me if I can contact a store with details via email.

    If anyone has a reliable contact in the US, I would be SO grateful if you could share the details with me :biggrin: Thank you!

  2. I am going to pm you.
  3. Thanks so much Butterfly :biggrin:
  4. You're welcome! (it's still Tuesday here btw, after all this years of using internet I still get amazed when I talk to people who are in a different time zone! lol)
  5. Hi butterfly36029, could you perhaps also drop me an email with the contacts please? i currently do not have access to pm. Thank you so much!

    jermainee at gmail dot com
  6. I just emailed you! Good luck!
  7. could you please be so kind, to pm me the email of the boutiques too? dont has to be in the us. could be europe, too.
    i would like to ask them because of the lamb skin pochette :sad:
  8. dear buterfly, would you mind forwarding or PM me the same, since I have to find help for ordering the strap for my nappa tote. TIA, Vesna
  9. could someone kindly PM me an email of the boutiques - the current one i'm using bounced back...

  10. me too if it's not too much of a hassle :smile: any boutique would be fine
  11. Dear Butterfly 36209,

    Could you please pm me the SA contacts (USA or Europe / London) as well?

    Do you happen to know what colours Matalesse lambskin tote comes in? I saw a TPFer - Ivy1026 with one in Argilla and I'm dying to get one but would love to know what colours are there for this design.
    Thank you!:biggrin:
  12. could you pm me too please? :smile:))
    thank you!

    i'm looking for the miu miu leather bracelet & it's OOS in all the local boutiques here over in Singapore :sad:
  13. Hi Ipurseee, for some reason I can't pm doesn't give me the option...:shrugs:
  14. Ohhh maybe it's because I'm new here. How bout emailing me?
    p_hyperwave at hotmail dot com. Thanks much! :smile:
  15. Would it be too much of a hassle for you to email me them as well? I understand if it would as so many are asking, but i would really appreciate it. I tried the one to renato which was posted yesterday, but it came back unfortunaly:sad:

    my email is: sara is the news at gmail dot com