Elynnin's photo blog of bags, dresses, and other material goods!

  1. Hey all! :smile: I've posted picture of my things here and there, but I just wanted to make a consolidated thread of a selection of my things. I really do have way too many things but not enough photos of them all! But I'll try to update as I take and upload photos!

    I'm into designer goods such as bags and accessories but I'm mostly into clothes...especially DRESSES! So I'll start with those and then expand out to the other designer items I own.

    To start:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Left to right: Nicole Miller Signature, Rebecca Taylor, and Carmen Marc Valvo dresses.
  2. [​IMG]

    Chanel cap-toe ballerina flats, Sinclaire 10 melinda dress, Lanvin glass pearl and chain necklace, Miu Miu frame tote, MAC media lipstick.


    Enzo Anglioni smiles pumps, Sinclaire 10 sasha dress.
  3. Some photography:




    Top to bottom: Robert Rodriguez, Valentino, and Tony Bowls dresses.

    (It's hard to see the at this angle and lighting, but I'll take photos of these dresses separately later!)
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    More dresses :smile:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Left to right: Tadashi Shoji, Theia, and Jovani dresses.

    I know some of these are kind of "prommy" such as the Jovani/Tony Bowls dresses but they were colorful and sometimes I need more color in my closet :smile:
  5. Omg, I LOVE your thread and that your doing clothing! Obviously I love the first three dresses you've posted but that Tony Bowls dress is AMAZING! Are the wings really part of the dress? It's so whimsical-like! I can't wait for more, great photography! :biggrin:

    EDIT: Oops, did I post too quickly? :p And don't worry about your dresses looking to 'prommy'. If I was a girl, I would walk down roads wearing these amazing 'prommy' dresses! I would LOVE to get dressed up like this for just normal no-occassion days! :biggrin: Love Tadashi and Jovani is a must!
  6. Some more dresses!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Left to right: Aidan Mattox, XScape, and another Aidan Mattox dress!

    And here's the dress I wore to prom~ (it's Theia :heart:).

  7. Thank you!! :heart: I love to get dressed up too even though I don't have many places to wear fancy clothes to, haha! The wings are actually added in post-processing :p And nooo you didn't post too quickly, I was actually wondering if people were going to like my pictures :shucks:
  8. Some black and white photography:



    David's Bridal dress and Aidan Mattox dress

    It's hard to see the clothes here because when I took the picture it wasn't about the clothes, but I like the photos so I thought I'd share :biggrin:
  9. Some vintage nylon Kate Spade stuff.

  10. One of my only watches, inspired by some post here on TPF! :biggrin:

    Nixon Newton

    That's it for today...I'll post more later if I find better pictures or take more pictures.
  11. I definitely know what you mean! I live on an island where the highest level of clothing is probably Macy's! :p So me wearing an embellished Alice + Olivia jacket would still be considered dressy here! That aside, I still love to dress up! :biggrin: And that's good to know! The Tony Bowls picture is by far my favorite still and the wings was such a fabulous touch! :yes: I can assure you, you will have fans! The pictures came out so nicely and it definitely shows the beauty of all your dresses! I will definitely be patiently stalking this board to see what other marvelous treasures you have hidden in your fabulous closet! :loveeyes: :yahoo:
  12. Thank you!! Now I have to take more pictures to keep this thread updated :lol:
  13. One more of the Valentino dress from post #3:

  14. I :heart: your collection and pics of them! My favorite is the one of you on the rocks by the ocean with the white ocean spray and you laughing! Did you take these pics yourself with a timer? Simply gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing.
  15. Thanks! I really appreciate that you liked them! Most of them are self timer or I had a human (aka boyfriend) tripod who pressed the shutter button ;)