Elvis is in the house!

  1. Carrying on from the thread about my sister getting a chihuahua...here he is! Everyone, meet Elvis! :yahoo:

    Again, any tips on training are much appreciated!
    Aug 29-31 033i.jpg Aug 29-31 037i.jpg
  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how dang cute is he!!!! now just don't let him near those groomers:biggrin: ;)

    ahah! that bone is bigger than him!
  3. I am ***DYING*** over here!!! There is waaay to much cuteness in one tiny little package!! That's 900 million points of cuteness per square millimeter.
  4. Elvis is by far the cutest chi I've ever seen! Wow!
  5. AWWWW i just saw this after begging for pics and a name in the last related thread... why do ppl start new threads for the same topic its wayyy too confusing for me, im blonde dont you know??


  6. ^^ i'm sorry barbie. i was so excited i just started a new thread! won't happen again...sorry!! :shame:
  7. Omg, how adorable..I just want to hug him tight!!! SO CUTE !
  8. Eeeeeekkkkkkkssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lookit Those Ears! Too Cute!
  9. :tender: :love:

    How cute!
  10. OMGosh How Adorable!

    My chi Oliver learned quickly how to go outside i think bc i have another dog and he followed her...do you have any other dogs in the neighborhood? that might help him learn faster..

    i am so in love with chis! Oliver is the most loving, sweet, sensitive, intellegent dog i have ever had
    He follows me wherever i go:love:

    Congratulations on your furbaby:heart:
  11. Adorable! LOL because the chew toy's as big as him!
  12. :love: AWWWW!! What a little cutie!!! So little and cute!:girlsigh:
  13. OMG! too cute..My daughter wanted to name our dog Elvis..LMAO..too..but we stuck with Ripley....she is gonna die when she sees this pic of this cutie!!
  14. Oh he's sooo cute!!!! I love chihuahuas!
  15. LOL! :lol: The name started off as a joke. We were going to name him Eduardo Ricardo...'guardian of prosperity' and 'powerful and brave'..haha! but then names like 'Coach' and 'Little Foot' came up and my sister suggested Elvis. We were all laughing because it's hard to imagine a tiny little chi called Elvis! It's perfect because it follows in alphabetical order...Chocolate Chip Cookie (Coco), Dookie Duke and now Elvis :smile:

    Ripley's a really cute name tho...I think it's perfect for your shiba inu :yes: