Elvire Tote

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  1. Does anyone know where I can still get an Elvire tote? I've looked at the resale market but it is hard to come by.
  2. The only place you will find one is EBay or Bonanzle - or possibly one of the consignment stores. Its no longer made.
  3. Yes, I know Elvire is no longer produced and I've been looking at the resale market. While I can always see Paddington, Bay and Edith being sold at eBay and consignment stores, I hardly find any Elvire. Sigh ....guess I just have to look for it longer.

    - a very determined Namie:biggrin:
  4. I see Elvira at ebay time to time. Don't give up!!:smile:
  5. ^^there have been a number of Elvire bags listed on EBay over the past months - so you just need to keep checking. In truth - a couple of the ones I've seen haven't actually sold.
  6. namie, It might be worth it to do a search of the completed listings on *bay and see if any pop up - and then you could contact the seller to ask if they would relist. I have done this before (and had people do the same with my listings) and it's a win-win situation...and since you are showing interest in something that didn't sell, you can usually get a nice price. :smile:

    Good luck!!!
  7. I just thought of something else - you can put an "In Search of" ad on Bonanzle for free stating exactly what you are looking for, so that anyone who has that bag and is willing to sell it can contact you. I would check out the Bonanzle listings for Rebecca Minkoff bags for an idea of how to do it, since there are several of those listings in that section. ;)
  8. elvire bags are on ebay regularly.
  9. there have been Elvires on ebay recently, some unsold, they dont seem to hold the same value as a paddy, so could find one quite cheap!
  10. Thanks. I am aware of those Elvire that are currently on eBay. I thought for pre-owned bags, they seem to be priced on the high end compared to other designs such as Betty. And some of them are only shipped to US destinations.
  11. yes i agree, for me the elvire is not a valuable bag, but i do live the way it looks! i have sen them go for around the £200 mark, so keep looking.
  12. The Elvire satchel and tote randomly show up on e-bay. I had the tote style, however, never carried it, so I sold it on e-bay. The price seems to stay consistent around $500++ for one in excellent/new condition.
    I think the Elvire was an under-rated style, the leather is gorgeous. I would still like to have the satchel style with the front pockets.:smile:
  13. i agree totally under rated style!
  14. I love my Elvire satchel.:yahoo: However she is quite heavy. Heaviest of all my Chloe.