Elvire Patent Clutch

  1. Does anyone own the Elvire Patent Clutch? If you do can you post pictures? I downloaded this picture from via luisa roma. Elvire Patent Clutch.jpg

    Is via luisa roma a trusted site?
  2. Yes it is an authentic site. If you live in the US though, expect big customs fees!
  3. Is there a way to figure out the customs fee without typing in my personal information?
  4. I think it is based on the price of the item you are getting. The best thing to do is go to Chloe.com and look up a boutique in the US and ask them to locate the bag for you. That way you only pay taxes, and not customs fees. The boutique in NY had a very helpful SA, I just called about a bag today:tup:
  5. I'm considering this bag myself...

    NAP are going to stock it, too. :yes:
  6. Do you know when NAP will stock this clutch?

    Thanks, I keep checking their website.
  7. ^ I'm afraid I don't know, exactly.

    I'm guessing sometime this month, or maybe early next. :yes:
  8. Looks great from what I can see in the picture. Very stylish and on trend with the patent.