Elvire owners: Question about the leather

  1. Hi!

    I'm new to this forum and the wonderful world of Chloé handbags! Quite addictive! I've recently bought a Paddington Capsule Satchel. At the moment I try to decide whether to buy the Elvire satchel in brown (mocca). I really like the look of it and the feel of the soft leather, but I'm not sure whether the lambskin is too delicate. (I have a two year old daughter, that makes looking after your handbag a little more difficult.) On the Mulberry Forum I've learnt that their washed nappa bags scratch, stain and even tear easily and they are made of lambskin. What is your experience so far with the lambskin Elvire? On the care card I read that the colour may fade. Is this something you experienced? And what about rain? So far I had two lambskin bags: One developped blisters when carried through the rain and they lasted for days (even after wiping off the rain drops as soon as possible) and the other developped tears in the leather when rubbing against pockets on coats or jeans. Thank you so much for your comments! :yes:
  2. I've just purchased the Elvire in patent lambskin. Haven't used it much yet as haven't had the chance, but it looks and feels to me like it will be quite delicate. I'm a bit worried about putting it down on what may be rough surfaces. I'm just going to be careful with it.
  3. I have the patent hobo and its amazing and not delicate at all.
  4. I have the patent paddy & Mona is SO right...it's very durable and the leather is so soft :smile: The patent lambskin Chloe used is amazing & you don't have to worry about it!

    littleblackbag...it may look and feel delicate but it's really not...ENJOY!!!
  5. I just bought an Elvire satchel in Moka, but it hasn't arrived yet. It is scheduled for delivery for tomorrow. It isn't patent, but it is lambskin. I really hope that it is durable since I have 4 children & live where it rains & snows. I'd love to hear other opinions from people who own the non-patent version too.
  6. Thanks for your answers! :flowers: This afternoon I will look at the Elvire again. The alternative (very different bag!) would be a double pocket Bay in patent lambskin. It comes with a shoulder strap - useful when with daughter! Great to know that this leather is not delicate! On the other hand the Elvire satchel looks so special. The decision will be quite hard to make!
  7. I had the bay bag and I found that it showed signs of wear much faster than my patent elvire!
  8. mona_danya and lulagirl, you have put my mind at rest about my Elvire, i shall enjoy using her now and not worry. I do love how soft the leather is, i've always imagined that patent leather should be stiff and starchy, but this bag is anything but. :girlsigh:
  9. Agree, the patent is very durable. I've carried my black patent Betty tote for well over a year and it just seems to get better with age.
  10. I've had mine since May or June I think and she still looks brand new. i don't carry her everyday of course but I am not as 'over-proctective' of my bags when I am using them. I will set them on the floor (except in the bathroom, gross!!) and don't put them in a plastic bag when it's raining.

    The leather is really amazing on this bag.
  11. Thanks kmrosko404, this sounds very reassuring. I finally decided to buy the Elvire, but in black, not the mocca one. I used Collonil Nanopro Spray, which is recommended by Mulberry to protect soft lambskin bags. It is really amazing. The leather stays really soft and does not feel coated.