eLUXURY'S newest goodies!


    Enjoy! :yahoo:


  2. whoa! thanks :biggrin:
  3. I love the badminton set!
  4. Hate the LV cup stuff but love the other stuff. Im so glad Im not getting the Genois now...I assumed it was black. The LV cup stuff looks just like the 2000 LV cup bags...but different logo. Thanks for sharing
  5. Thanks for the info!!
  6. I love the epi montaigne..thanks for the info!
  7. I love the new Epi bags, but the Mono stuff is horrible IMO... :shrugs:
  8. Love all the new stuff!
  9. Cool! Thanks for posting!
  10. I think I like the Solent?
  11. Thanks for posting! :yes:
  12. Hmmm .... loving that key holder .... :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for posting! :graucho:
  13. I think all those are way Hot in their own way. Just more stuff for me to oogle until I get my first LV!:love:
  14. thanks!! :yes:
  15. Thanks Matt :smile:
    I'm enjoying the new things. I love the Azur 4 Key, and the Montaigne Clutch :love: I bet they would look so nice together. I don't have a key holder yet. So this one looks so nice.