Eluxury's new look...

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  1. so i wanted to check some LV goodies on eLuxury.com and i was appalled on the new look eLuxury has! :shrugs:

    i also noticed that net-a-porter shares very similar template style with eluxury and i just hate it.

    i think the bluish background doesn't complement the LVs and the site overall looks cheaper:sad:

    anyway, just wanted to rant.... i guess it just ruined my LV shopping on eLux experience.... and being a web designer, i just think that their new website is awful. i'll go on vuitton.com instead for online LV shopping/ online price checking.

  2. OH!!! I don't like it at all! :wtf:
  3. I agree... it looks really bad. Everything's off.
  4. yeah it totally looks very cheap!
  5. Wow. IMO - it makes the site look cheaper. I am not a fan.
  6. yes i was shocked. screams cheeeaaaappp all over...
  7. OMG! I know how you feel! I was gonna look at some LV stuff yesterday and when I went to their website I swear I thought I went to the wrong place!

    It's so horrible!
  8. I was just browsing some of the bags and some of the pictures are all messed up. I hope they get this adjusted soon.
  9. I did a search for "Pochette" and the search results were all wacky and wrong....

    WHY???? *grrrrr*
  10. Omg. I have to agree. I saw it last night and thought... uhh, wth?? It makes the website looks cheap and the quality of the website looks poor. :tdown:

    I think Net-a-Porter's website looks a lot better than eLux though.
  11. Looks bad!! What a downgrade!
  12. Despise It!

  13. Yes Net-a-Porter does look better than eLux for sure. Hmm.. Im wondering if eLux would be interested in another redesign that would appeal to their target market --- I don't mind redesigning their site in exchange for some LVs:P Hehehe....:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  14. I hate it. The pictures of the items are not as large either.
  15. Yes very cheap. And very cold looking. Hope they do some fine tuning on that color. :yucky: