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  1. this may sound like a stupid question, but when you order louis vuitton from eluxury do you also get the louis vuitton box with your bag and dustbag?
  2. If you specify the bag as a gift, you will get a box. The dustbag is included regardless...
  3. i think so
  4. Yes, you get the Louis Vuitton box and dustbag no matter what.

    However if you set the bag as a gift then instead of the Louis Vuitton box you get the silver eluxury box w/ purple ribbon (Louis Vuitton dustbag).
  5. Gotta love elux because you usually have to ask for a box in the boutiques. V
  6. I recently bought LV mezzo via Eluxury and marked it as a gift, and it came in its LV box/dustbag, but w/no usual silver gift box Eluxury uses. In all cases, whether marked as gift or not, LV items came in LV boxes for me.
  7. I got my Speedy 40 frommy store but they had to ship it to me as they are overnighting it from another store. It didn't come with a box. Can I go to the boutique and ask for one? I don't like folding up my Speedy.
  8. Bring it into them tell them you forgot to mention its a gift and when you bring it home unwrap it from you to you.
  9. :nuts:

    The way you said it sounds so nice!

  10. Ditto for me when marked as a gift...
  11. ^ sorry ladies!

    I never specified my LVs as gifts and always received them in a LV box so I just assumed that if it was marked as a gift it would be in the eluxury gift boxes and such. :shame:
  12. That's what I always thought... I lost the box that came with my Abbesses... :sad: I'll check the "Gift Box" box next time I get order from eLux... I gotta start shopping at the store more... I just hate driving... :P Oh well.