1. Hi,

    Question for you Louis Vuitton shopper on Eluxury. When you buy a LV product from Eluxury, do you get an LV gift box, or Eluxury gift box? I thought you only recieved eluxury's gift box. The reason why I ask, is I saw someone selling LV gift boxes on ebay, and it says they made there original purchase from eluxury. I am getting ready to make a purchase, but i want it to be gift boxed in the LV box.

  2. I have always received LV boxes from elux.
  3. Yes, u get LV boxes. And may I add, it is usually nicely packaged too. I am VERY impressed with the packaging.
  4. The times i've got the LV boxes, i've unchecked the "Free gift box" option.
    The other times, i chose to get a free gift box, it's been an elux box and not a vuitton box.
  5. Thanks!!! Now I don't have to pay our HIGH NY tax.

    Thanks again!!!!
  6. I forgot. Does a Dust bag comes with everything as well? Sorry for the crazy questions, I usually go to the store, first time on eluxury.
  7. Dust bags, boxes, and sometimes tags come with the purchase. ;)
  8. All my purchases have come with all tags, dustbags and boxes. When I got my yello Inclusion bangle way back when, I even have the little paper tag that denotes bangle's style and the color, Jaune, on it.
  9. That's weird. I am going to call them right now.
  10. I never check the gift box spot and always get an LV box......
  11. Just spoke to a rep by the name of Holly. Here is what she said:

    All LV items should come with a LV box. Never a Elux box. Now I am worried. It's a gift for my mom, and i hate that Elux box.
  12. Why are you worried? She said they come with an LV box. All my items came in LV boxes.
  13. I'm worried because of what jennifleur said. But i just ordered it. Don't really think my Mom will care. She is not as anal about LV's the way I am.

    Thanks again
  14. I can understand how you are feeling Sassys. I just ordered a speedy from elux and I DID mark the gift box option and I do hope I get the LV box. The LV boxes are just as important as the actual bag, it's part of the whole collection!:upsidedown:
  15. I always check the box and I always receive the LV box. I've never ordered anything from Elux besides LV, so I don't even know what their own boxes look like except for the outer shipping box of course. I don't think you will have any problem receiving the LV box. However, if for some reason they don't send the LV box you will be able to call them and I'm sure they will send another box. They have wonderful customer service. Do not worry!