1. I noticed many of you lovely PF'ers buy your bags from eluxury. Just curious, why not just buy in the store instead on online?
  2. To avoid sales tax.
  3. Also, 60 day returns !
  4. I tried buying from them before but they charged me sales tax.
  5. Sales tax applies in some states, like CA. That's why I do not buy from elux.
  6. It depends on where you live, CA and TN I believe are the places which will get charged with sales tax.
  7. I want to avoid tax :sad: I am actually in SF, CA
  8. Yeah it sucks... if you know someone out of state and are planning to visit them, you could arrange for them to hold it for you. If I was in the market for a new LV I would do that, as I am visiting WA in August.
  9. I have bought from elux for the convenience as well. If I already know what I want, I find their shipping is pretty fast.
  10. plus the free shipping!:graucho:
  11. There are no LV stores around where I live so Eluxury is the next big thing for me. I live in Nebraska.
  12. That's what I'm thinking of doing too. :yes:
  13. Their "live chat" customer service is awesome, and it is so easy to return things, they are so nice about it. 60 days is a long time to think it over and change your mind, too.
  14. Ditto. Except I'm next door in Iowa. :P
  15. I'm next door to Kansas. :biggrin: