1. with the price increase threatening , I have to share with you my experience with eluxury.com
    Before they've increased the price early this year I was browsing their site for a bag ( Papillion mono) and I put it in my shopping bag . After awhile I wanted to buy it , but the price has already been changed . I talked to an assistant and she told me that if I want to buy the purse that it's in my shopping bag , I pay the price it was before the increasing! I ended up buying the Damier Papillon instead and paying the new price .
    I thought you may want to know that , so stuff your shopping bag just in case:smile:
  2. wow..good to know that..
    Good tips for others who shop at Elux..

    I like damier pap better than mono, what size did you get??
  3. thanks for letting us know... gotta start stocking my cart... hehehe.
  4. yeah , it looks way better in damier in my oppinion , I got it in 26
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