eLuxury Year-End Clearance - Up to 60% off

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  1. [​IMG]

    Kooba, Fendi, Tod's, MJ, Pucci, Donna Karan and others on sale!

  2. Vlad, you are the Purse Man for sure!
  3. pretty good sale. make sure you guys link thru tPF
  4. I am new to the Board so pls forgive my ignorance, but what does TPF mean and how can I link through it?
  5. TPF would mean this board The Purse Forum. Just click anyone of the links to elux that are found on this site, including the one above.

  6. OK, thanks!!!
  7. Hi,
    Okay, so they have a Botkier Trigger Fan for $487 and I really, Really want one but isn't that a little high for such a past season bag?
  8. Ok, I think so, but when you really want something, you'll pay anything for it! And they KNOW it.

    Thats why eBay is such a success... I fell in love with a sweater style from 2 years ago and bought it all over eBay... at RETAIL, 2 years later! A sweater! In 3 different colours LoL
  9. any info on nice trendy shearling coats
  10. This is really interesting. Thanks for the info!!!