Eluxury web site difficulties anyone?

  1. I'm having a hard time connecting to the elux website. Fow some reason my computer is not linking me to it. Is it just my computer, or is any one else having this problem? TIA!
  2. It works for me.:yes:
  3. I haven't had any problems with the website, but I have had problems with them being SLOW in shipping the inclusion ring I bought from them!
  4. Same here :smile:
  5. HMMMMMM. My PHH is kinda liking that we're having this problem. He's really not interested at all in finding out if somethings wrong w/ the computer. I wonder if he's behind it......
  6. Works for me to but it's a bit slow
  7. Thanks ladies. I can always count on you all for speedy help! Now to get my PHH to fix it.
  8. Yes it is. I was just directed to another thread about this issue. I'm going to try Poufiasse's advice about running disk utility. Hope it works!
  9. I tried that and restarted my computer. Still can't get on. :censor:
  10. Me either!! :sad:
  11. maybe you should clear your cookies and temp internet files. maybe there is something that is redirecting your host files. i had this problem with ****** and after clearing my cookies it worked fine. hope that helps!
  12. its not working still after i cleared my cookiess...its driving me nutssssss
  13. dosent work for me either. cleared cookies, cashe, temp files, history, etc..still nothing. I get page cannot be displayed.
  14. Do you have OS X 10.4.7 ? :shrugs:

    I would just update silly things like Flash (www.flash.com).Sometimes this fixes things like when sites update their Flash engine to the latest build. I think it's Flash 9 now. :idea:

    I use Safari for EVERYTHING, including Vuitton.com & eLux and I have 0 problemos. Weird, huh? :wtf: