eLuxury VIP status

  1. I was wondering if it's possible to lose your VIP status with eLuxury?

    I haven't purchased in so long because my job has kept me so busy. Even so, I don't want to lose my status. :confused1:
  2. Don't know the answer, but in general, what makes a customer at eLux a VIP? The same as spending on LV?
  3. I would like to know that, too.^^
  4. In order to keep the status you just have to make one purchase a year.
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  6. Thanks for the info.
  7. Thanks, Rebecca!
  8. Good to know! What are the benefits of VIP status on elux?
  9. That's what I'm wondering too. *waits anxiously for someone to respond*
  10. private VIP number
    upgraded shipping
  11. So, after making a purchase do you have to call and request to be on their VIP list? Anyone?
  12. You don't request it, you just get put on it. I think you spend a certain amount and they'll upgrade your customer status.
  13. Thanks for the answer! I guess I'll just stick mainly to the boutique;) .
  14. Lol..I really don't know how much you have to buy but it seems like a lot less than when you'd buy from the boutique. I've barely ever ordered anything from elux...since 04', I've gotten:
    white MC Speedy
    Peppermint Vernis Bedford
    2 Peppermint Vernis PTI wallets (one pochette style, one the fold down version)
    Marshmallow Vernis 4 key holder
    Panda keyring
    Hair cubes
    Yellow Inclusion bangle
    Fuchsia Charms pochette
    White MC bandeau
    Black MC bandeau
    and a couple of Juicy Couture charms

    And they still put me in the system as a VIP. So I don't know lol.
  15. Lol Rebecca, I'd hardly call that "barely anything"...