ELuxury took over $1400 out of my account, but no order!!!

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  1. Grrrrr!!!!! :cursing:

    What is going on?? I just tried to order the Mini Lin Speedy, and ELux says there are "problems with my account" so the order is not placed.

    So I call ELuxury to make sure my name is not blocked, and it's not-- the SA says it is a "financial institution issue".

    So I check my account-- and 2X $720 has been debited TONIGHT!! But I did not place two orders with ELux-- in fact, the one that I placed did not even go through!!!!

    What is going on?? Has this happened to anyone else?!?! :tdown:
  2. OMG :wtf:

    So Sorry to hear that. I hope they work it out for you. Please, let us know how it turn out.
  3. Wow, that sucks. Did you call your bank to find out what was wrong?
  4. Call them back ASAP!!!
  5. Yeah do call them back.
    I check my bank statements online daily; when I got my Inclusion ring from them a few weeks back, I noticed my account wasn't debited for the amount until the ring was shipped, so your problem definitely needs attention ASAP.
  6. Call eLUXURY immediately to query the charges and also get in touch with your bank.
  7. That happened to me when I tried to order my MC Pochette. For some reason, the site was acting up an told me to try again. When I did, it still didn't go through and I had to call eLux. I wind up not even paying with that debit card.....paid with another CC over the phone and the charge fell off the DC about 2 days later. Call them. Sounds like the same situation.
  8. Be careful when you are paying online with debit or credit card. :sweatdrop:
  9. omg....cal the bank ASAP ADN elux TOO:yes:
  10. i really worry that eluxury is going a bit ga-ga. They seem to be messing up alot recently. Unfortunatly (or not) i cant use eluxury because im in the UK so they wont deliver to me. There have been so many problems around the forum with them.
  11. I think you better call your bank and eLux immediately before the transaction goes through
  12. Are the transactions shown as 'pending' or similar? If so, the amount is authorized, which means elux has placed a hold on your account. As an earlier poster mentioned, the transactions will fall off (funds will be released) if the order does not go through.
  13. Hi everyone, thanks for your advice. I did call my bank and they say the charges are a "hold", even though it looks to me like that money was already debited. ELuxury still claims that it is a "financial institution problem" but I don't see how that is possible, since their website screwed up! Hopefully the hold charges will disappear within a couple of days, but I think definitely ELuxury has some errors in their system.
  14. yes, this has happened to me before. my cc company is still disputing the charges with elux. i hope everything works out in your favor.
  15. u mean yr have not got yr money back?:confused1: