Eluxury - They sent me an old Damier Brera

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  1. Hi. I've never posted before but I've been lurking and learning so much.

    I've just received from eluxury a LV Damier Brera. The date code is VI0045. It means that it was made in April 2005. It's almost April 2006. It's been sitting around for almost one year! Would you return it due to that alone?

    I also think the zipper is falling funny. By that I mean it is caving in on the sides. Maybe because it's been sitting around? Or is that the nature of this bag?

    Please tell me, what would you do? Would you exchange it for a newer bag?

  2. It could be that the bag just isn't very popular and they have one made a few years ago, it doesn't necessarily mean it's been pre touched or the such.

    But since it is your bag, you should do whatever would make you more comfortable, and if you do want one with a newer manufacturing date, hey, it's your money ! ;)
  3. you can if you want. you should be completely satisfied, but it really doesn't matter, the quality/etc. the zipper would do that eventually anyway. and because it's damier, and it doesn't age, they probably thought, who cares?

    eh. i would be ok with it, but like i said, you should return it for another if you want.
  4. No, I wouldn't, just based on the date code alone. However, the bag should be brand new.
  5. Thanks Ayla for your quick reply!

    The bag itself looks brand new. The handles are wrapped. But part of my question is, what would YOU do? I want to know if I'm just being too picky. Would it bother anybody else?
  6. i wouldn't return it, it's not like it has an expiration date or anything...as long as you're satisfied with the bag itself, i wouldn't fault it for it's 'birthday,' per se.
  7. I wouldn't return it! I never look at the date codes anyways!:lol:
  8. I wouldn't return it!!
  9. I would keep it since it is in new condition. (But keep all of the paperwork- just in case!)
  10. I had a similar thing happen when I ordered my Cabas Piano and had posted about it. I had already began oxidizing in light yellow color, and while it didn't look used it bothered me. The date on my was worse. It was made in 3/04! So, I requested an exchange. And guess what? I got another Piano that was also oxidized to light yellow/shiny and the date code was 6/04. I gave up on it and decided to keep the 3/04 one and sent the 6/04 back. I do think it's weird that a popular bag like Cabas Piano would be around in the warehouse for that long and the customer rep said the same thing.
  11. I never look at dates either, just so long as its NEW. Do you like the bag? t was one of my choices-but I decided on the damier alma and am awaiting it now. i LUV THE DAMIER PATTERN!
  12. I agree with Amanda, it wouldn't bother me, but if it's eatin' you send it back definitely
  13. Take a picture so we can have a look-see?
  14. I didnt now how to read date codes at the time i bought a pochette from the store and i bought it in May 2005 and i just looked at the date code and it said it was made in march 2002,That means it was in the store for 2 years.
  15. If it were a bag with Vachetta trim that had begun to patina, I would certainly send it back. But if it is a NEW bag, with an older date code, I would not worry about sending it back, as long as it was in new condition. ;)