eluxury & their LV quality

  1. Hello everyone,

    I purchased a batignolles horizontal from elux over the summer and I feel as though the quality is poor in comparison to my other LVs [petit noe, viva-cite gm].

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    I'm not sure what to think: is it a regional issue (USA made handbags are second rate to those made in France/Spain), or does eluxury have poor quality LVs.

    I value all opinions on the matter. Cheers!!!
  2. Yes they have poor quality. I returned my LV bandeau because it was a used. You can order from louisvuitton.com now. Why don't you try that?
  3. This is quite odd as all the bags and accessories I've gotten from eluxury have been nothing short of perfect. Lucky, I guess? :shrugs:
    I still am not convinced that bags made in any certain country are made any better than another. I have bags made in all countries and have never noticed a difference in quality.
    For the record, the items I've gotten from elux were:
    *White MC Speedy
    *Strass hair cubes
    *Yellow PM Inclusion bangle
    *Panda Porte Cles
    *White and black MC bandeaus
    *some Juicy charms
  4. Elux usually has great products and service. I'm sure on occasion is the usual dimwit employee who doesn't notice the "used" returned item and restocks it back into inventory for some poor person to buy.....perhaps its a disgruntled employee??

    Anyway, they have been excellent with me so far...
  5. Besides the fact Elux can't distingush between used/damged item from New, their item is just as good as shop because it's all from the same sources as the boutique! :yes:
  6. I guess I'm a lucky one too. I don't live near a boutique....almost all of my purchases have been from eLux...brand new, plastic on the handles and all. Not to mention no tax and I usually catch the free shipping periods.
  7. I couldn't agree with you more.
  8. So far, everything I've gotten from elux has been new and excellent quality.
  9. I only purchased one bag from LV (my Black Cabby). It was in perfect new condition.
  10. I was sent a used sweet monogram ring once. I've bought other LV items from elux and it's been fine. I guess it depends on how good their quality control is on a given day.
  11. I've purchased quite a bit from Elux and I've been happy except for the one time I finally purchased my dream suhali le fab and all the hardware and zipper pulls were full of scratches and the bag was so obviously used:cursing: ... I must say I have not bought anything from them since. I have been doing my shopping from vuitton.com now.
  12. I've always had good luck with eluxury as well - and they have pack it well.
  13. I think exactly the same way. I quit on Eluxury. I must have received about 5 used and scratched bags. Returned them all. Now I have a boutique I can go to. No more problems for me.
  14. Just realized I made a mistake. I meant to say I only purchased 1 bag from Elux :shame:
  15. I have ordered at least 20 times from Elux and everything has been perfect. The only retailer I've had trouble with is Bloomingdale's.