eLuxury still working on "the problem"

  1. Mods - if this isn't the right place for this, please move, thanks.

    Just wondering how many of you are experiencing this issue...
    You place an online order with eLuxury, successfully, but you do not get a confirmation email. Then you check your order history and the order does not show up. Next, you check the item you ordered and it is no longer available.

    I called and CS said, yes it was placed, but they are having problems with their computer system. This has happened to me twice in the past month. The first time, the item was shown as available, but actually out of stock.

    CS said they have been working on this problem for 3 weeks and that 99% of the customers have this issue.

    Am I alone in this? Surprised I have not read anything about it. Are there any eLux insiders here that know when this will be fixed?
  2. Yah... I ordered a bag on there and I got an order confirmation email, an email that they had problems with my order. First two times I called they said that my billing address wasn't a match and I had to call my credit card. I did, and verified that my billing address matched what I put in eLuxury's site as well. Third time I called, the rep said my order looked fine and my order was charged and will ship the next day!

    I was like, wtf? But I was happy that everything was ok because my CC said that I had been charged already which was raising some more suspicions.