Eluxury Sold Out on Damier Speedy??

  1. I just went onto the site and noticed that it's not up anymore. I'm so glad that I ordered mine earlier today.:biggrin:
  2. Oops just looked againg and saw it was still up there. Sorry guys.
  3. Which size did you order missypoo? I'm so excited!!
  4. I think they both gone now...
    lucky I got mine LOL..
  5. oops nevermind missypoo! I just saw your other post. i got a 25 too, can't wait!
  6. Yes I got the 25. Are you getting one mello yello?
  7. Yeah it now says currently out of stock. Wonder when they will get more in.
  8. sorry mello yello I saw you just said you got the 25 too. Did you order yours thru Eluxury?
  9. Keep looking--they come and go as people release them.
    When I got mine (25) the elux person said that I had the last one in my shopping bag, but a few hours later it looked like they were back in stock.....
  10. missypoo - yup, eluxury as well. =) I had to pay shipping but I was able to avoid tax so I guess it's worth the wait.
  11. I live in the sticks of Nebraska so I have no other choice to order thru Eluxury. I wish there were LV stores around so I can see how the bags look on me. Oh well!!
  12. I taked to the live chat on eluxury and asked when they would be getting more of the Damier Speedies and she said probably next week. I was just curious. Thought I would mention it. Can't wait to get mine!! HEHEHE!!! I feel like a geedie as a school girl!!
  13. Just keep checking back. I was on eluxury earlier and it was there and then i refreshed the page and it was suddenly out of stock!
  14. It's an up and down thing huh?