eLuxury shopping questions

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  1. I have a few eLuxury questions I was hoping someone could answer.

    1. How can you tell the quantity left of an item on the site? I've seen quite a few people reference how many of an item was left.
    2. If I put an item in my cart and don't checkout, how long will it stay there? If I leave the site and come back later will the item still be in my cart?

  2. i dunno. but i would liek to know also!
  3. I can't answer your questions, but I have read posts about your questions. I hope you get your answers quickly.
  4. I don't know for the question 1. For the question 2, it depends.. if it's limited in quantities, you may have it in your cart for 30 mins or so. If it's not,it will remain in your cart until you delete it or until it's out of stock.

    ** this is from my own experiences.
  5. To find out how many items are in stock - add one to your shopping cart, then update the item to buy, say 100 of them - it will either accept that amount - meaning there are at least that many in stock or it will default to how many are actual in stock.
  6. Oh Ok. Thank you.
  7. Another eLuxury tip -- get to the website through ******.com. You'll get cash back for your purchase! I just did this for a few purchases from eLux.
  8. Yes, I'm signed up for ******. I'm just waiting for the Azur Speedy 25 to show up on eLux again and I'll get it. I'll get 3% back from ******, free shipping, no tax and I'll also get another 1% cash bag by putting it on my Discover card.
    Question - Let's say you forget to go through ******, can they be contacted after the fact to make the purchase count?
  9. You could always call them & ask -- I've found their phone reps to be very helpful and knowledgable!
  10. no, unfortunately not. they didnt get "commission" from your sales so they won't give you the rewards from the purchase
  11. If it is an indemand item, I've noticed that it's in your cart for at least 1 -2 hours. I think I remember an eluxury rep telling me that as well. If you leave the site and come back later, given that you are signed in, the item will still be in your cart.
  12. When purchasing Louis Vuitton from eluxury, is it shipped with a Louis Vuitton box and bow? Just wondering:smile: