eluxury ships to asia?????

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  1. i thought it did but the website says it only ships to us??? why is that???
  2. elux never shipped outside the US...

    Trust me... If it did.. i'll be spending up big there directly!
  3. In Singapore, you can set up an account with Singapore Post and purchase through US website.. I think they call it VPOST. ;)
  4. thanks crazy bag you are a doll. i stay in singapore
  5. Hahahahaha same here!
  6. Why don't buy from the stores in Singapore?
  7. Yup, getting from the local stores in Singapore would be wise ... after all, there are 4 of them.

    Admittedly, the present currency exchange is very much in favour of Singaporeans but the shipping cost would eat up a greater part of the exchange savings.
  8. I doubt so. I read on the website that payment and shipping is only possible if your billing address for your credit card is in the US.

    I'm waiting for the LV website to start e-shopping for the asian countries too!
  9. Oooohh did you hear that that was going to happen?
  10. I emailed them, said it was in the pipeline but didn't reveal when!
  11. How exciting! I hope the reference price they use for Asian orders will be the cheapest of all the countries in the region :graucho:
  12. I remember them saying something along those lines too when I inquired about International shipping-5 YEARS AGO!:lol:
    I wouldn't get your hopes up, sadly elux is US only.
  13. If that's the case, I think they're not being too wise... Asian customers are one of their highest spenders!
  14. It might due to postage cost and security reason.
    They are some customers received the bags and get it return due to defect. Will customer bear for the postage cost for return or eluxury.
  15. International customers can buy from e-lux by using Interantional Checkout.